Keeping it Real: “TO COME IN BETWEEN”

Ever read Scripture that sounds completely out of character for God? Here goes: “…the Lord said to Moses, ‘Let Me alone now….’” (Exodus 32:9)

Did God really just say that?! Have you ever in your life fathomed such a thing?! But it’s what God said, and I believe He meant it!

You see, no matter how many times God stepped in to protect and provide for His people, no matter how far He separated these former slaves from captivity, God’s freed ones kept imitating their captors! They looked just like the world around them and completely ignored the Generous God who had delivered them. (Sounds vaguely familiar!)

As Moses experienced God’s Glory on the mountaintop, God’s people remaining at the bottom acted fifty-shades-of-crazy. A wild party broke out! Problem was, they partied in worship of dead gods (with a golden calf to boot!) while ignoring the One True God that had delivered them over and again. Jehovah championed their cause when nobody stood in line to help; yet in their liberation, they tossed Him like stale bread.

You’ve got to read Exodus 32, but for now, it went something like this . . . God essentially told Moses, “I’ve been patient, but I’m done! I’m going to deal with them once and for all. I’ll make a great nation out of you, Moses, but I’m going to take them out! Now let me alone to do it!”

It takes a LOT to push this patient God to the brink, but the jig was up!

Stay with me; this is fascinating! Did you know that the word “intercessor” literally means, “to come in between”? A praying person comes in between to say, “God, You have every right to do this, but I stand in the gap between You and this situation asking You to reconsider.”

Imagine that! God WANTS us to change His mind, to influence Him! Moses reminded Him: “If You do this, the world will say You only brought them out here to take them out. Think what will happen to Your reputation on the earth! And besides, You promised them by Your OWN Name to multiply their generations. You don’t break Your promises. I believe this!”

Then, guess what? The Lord “changed His mind and let them live.” (Exodus 32:14 CEV) GOD CHANGED HIS MIND!

Friend, do you realize the privilege we possess to speak intimately to this All-Powerful God in such a way that we can actually influence how He responds? FOR REAL!

When God said, “Let Me alone now,” He was actually saying, “Moses, if you step aside, I’ll act. But if you remain in between, I won’t.” Y’all, THIS IS THE POWER OF PRAYER!

God waits for true intercessors to come in between and remain! To stay there without letting go! To hold on UNTIL we see God move!

The Psalmist declared, “Because Abba bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!” (Psalm 116:2 NLT)

That’s what Moses did! He prayed, urging God to reconsider . . . AND GOD DID!

What is going on in your living that needs your intercession? Where is it that you need to come in between?

God responds to the perpetual prayers of His people, those intercessors who stand in the gap, holding on with all they’ve got UNTIL they see God move! In fact, He’s counting on the fact that you will! He delights to show mercy when we pray!

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it! He’s listening, you know!


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