2020 – What a Year! A Look Back at the Positive Moments of This Year

It is now a common statement to say that 2020 was a…unique year, to say the least. We have many unprecedented events and made history in more ways than one. As we (finally) come to the end of this crazy year, there have been moments that defined the past 12 months. While COVID, the election, and more events have made news waves, there have also been other moments, more positive ones, that still garner the same attention. Let’s take a look back at the positive times in 2020.

  • The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers and became the champions of the Super Bowl LIV. The score was 31 to 20.
  • We went to space again on May 30 with the flight of the SpaceX Dragon 2 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. This was the first launch of a crewed spacecraft from our country since 2011.
  • Drive-in movie theaters and concerts made a comeback throughout the country. In fact, there are a few drive-ins in Winston-Salem for you and your family to enjoy. Having visited a local one several times this summer, drive-in movie theaters are a fun and relaxing way to make memories with your loved ones.
  • Restaurants got creative with their menus and layouts to include social distancing. Some started dining in the streets, including mannequins in the empty tables, or separating with pool noodles. Also, a few restaurants shared their secret recipes with their customers so they could make and enjoy them in their home.
  • As many people know, the hit-TV show, The Office, will always guarantee a laugh and a good time. And that is exactly what Office actor, John Krasinski, did when he started Some Good News back in the spring. Some Good News premiered on YouTube in May and was an eight-episode show that highlighted the good in the world during the pandemic. Krasinski hosted the program himself and invited guests, including the cast of The Office. Another hit episode was when Krasinski was a virtual DJ and held a virtual prom for high schoolers. Some Good News is currently in production with new episodes coming soon to CBS All Access.
  • Many animals received a new home as there was a rush to adopt and foster pets. Seemed as if everyone needed a furry friend during this year.
  • Thanks to the pandemic lockdown, our priorities and time have been rearranged. Instead of focusing continually on work and everything we have to do, we invested more time in new hobbies and rediscovered the joys of baking, reading, cooking, completing puzzles, and more. People spent more hours outside and doing activities that made them happy and stress-free.
  • Another positive we can attribute to the pandemic lockdown is realizing the careers our community cannot do without, such as healthcare workers, essential workers, teachers, and more. Multiple times this spring, cities rang the bells, clapped, and saluted the healthcare workers for going above and beyond with keeping people safe during COVID.
  • Businesses throughout the United States turned their attention to how they could help those in need during these tough times. For example, distilleries began using their materials to make hand sanitizer. Other companies started making and distributing masks.
  • NASA named its headquarters in Washington, D.C., after Mary W. Jackson, the first African-American female engineer.
  • 2020 was a year of innovation and being resilient. Zoom quickly became a friend to many and with that comes the Zoom mistakes that still make us laugh to this day. Trust me, a quick Google search for these mistakes will brighten your day.
  • A push to shop local and small businesses was made in several communities. Supporting a small business will help many people in many different ways. As we go into the holiday season, be sure to remember to shop local and shop small businesses.
  • Lastly, we still found opportunities to celebrate life’s big moments. Whether it was a Zoom shower, drive-thru birthday party, or a playdate through the window, people got creative and still had lively occasions.

2020 definitely had its ups and downs. However, it has been a year where many people let go of the ordinary and created their new normal. Hopefully, the past 12 months have helped you regroup and focus on the positive. Here’s to 2021 and another new year of opportunities!



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