New Year, New You

One thing the holidays are great for is reminding us how much stuff we have. Do we need it all? Do we even use it all? Start off the New Year right by following some or all of the following tips on ways to declutter your life. For the best results, don’t try to do […]

How to Care for Your Poinsettia All Year Long

Eyes widen with the appearance of white or red foliage set among broad green leaves.  The name poinsettia quickly comes to mind with an image of what is to come in December. While we think the poinsettia has uniquely pointed flowers, they are actually modified leaves called bracts, which are designed to attract insects to […]

BodyMind Studio: Fitness among friends!

When you hear a client say their experience at your studio is the favorite part of their day, you know you’ve reached your goal of truly changing lives! Combining a challenging fitness program with a motivating, supportive community has been BodyMind Studio’s owner Kristen Richardson’s enormously successful recipe. As she and her staff – which […]

Why You Should Buy Yourself a Christmas Present

As women, we often find ourselves falling into the role of martyr and sacrificing things we want or want to do by putting others’ needs in front of our own. This tendency can increase three-fold around the holidays as women tend to be so passionate about creating lasting memories for our families and those around […]

Merry Christmas from Summit Eye Care

Thank you to all the readers of Forsyth Woman and their families for taking the time to review our articles on a monthly basis.  Summit Eye Care wishes each of you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2019. At this season of the year we tend to take more time to reflect on the many […]

Saga of an Aging Payphone Possibly the last one in Advance…

BY MARK MATHOSIAN  The payphone in the photograph accompanying this article was on the side of a convenience store near my home in Advance, North Carolina. One day I decided to stop in and ask if the payphone worked. From behind the counter, a female cashier thought for a moment and responded, “I don’t know.” […]

The View: December 2018

Dear Readers, Merry Christmas!  I hope this month brings you great joy and happiness as we prepare for the Christmas holidays and prepare to welcome in a new year! I’ve always been transparent with our readers, sharing what is going on in the lives of my husband and our children.  And this issue is no […]

URBN Grl, A Unique Boutique

Unique boutique URBN Grl is like no other, distinctive and totally adventurist. Their goal: to bring cool and unique things from small and local businesses. With gifts galore of many lines and brands, they appeal to sassy girls and powered boss babes (though cool dudes are welcome, too). PASSION MEETS POWER Putting her passion and […]

Left Brain Vs. Right Brain

At many moments in life, we may have heard that one side of the brain is stronger than the other. We may have also thought that right-handed people use their left side of their brain more and that left-handed people use their right side of their brain more. Let’s scope out the whole “left brain […]

To Your Health: Checking Your Christmas Stocking for Blood Clots

Christmas stockings make people smile.  From the bright-eyed child on Christmas morning digging through an overflowing sock, to the thoughtful adult who has hidden something special in their family member’s stocking, this symbol of the holiday season is typically associated with joyful surprises and happiness.  But sometimes “stockings” during the holiday season, and throughout the […]

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