BodyMind Studio: Fitness among friends!

When you hear a client say their experience at your studio is the favorite part of their day, you know you’ve reached your goal of truly changing lives!

Combining a challenging fitness program with a motivating, supportive community has been BodyMind Studio’s owner Kristen Richardson’s enormously successful recipe. As she and her staff – which includes five other expertly trained instructors – celebrate ten years in business this year, it’s clear her mission is also very personal.

“I am most proud of the strong sense of community we have built with the studio,” explains Kristen. “I’ve always called my clients the “piLadies” (not to worry, gentlemen clients are dubbed “piLaddies”!) It’s been amazing to see the friendships that have developed and remained steady over the course of a decade, among people who might never have connected otherwise.”

BodyMind Studio provides the full spectrum of body conditioning methods, with something for everyone, ranging from therapeutic to athletic. The combination of Melt Method sessions, traditional Pilates, and the innovative Megaformer classes covers all the bases of physical fitness. They are also the only studio in the Triad to offer Lagree Method classes on the Megaformers.

In case you aren’t Megaformer savvy, here’s the scoop on why the machines are so popular with everyone from stay-at-home moms and college students, to professional athletes and the Hollywood elite:

  • Everything you need is accomplished in one class: full body strengthening, core work, and cardio.
  • During class, each client works on their own M3S Mega – the ultimate training machine.
  • Classes are supremely efficient: only 40 minutes long.
  • You get the results of a high-intensity workout without high-impact joint pain.
  • Are you ready to take on the Mega? The studio offers a “New Client Special” for first-timers: 5 Megaformer classes for $55!

“We’ve had the Megaformers at the studio for about a year and a half,” says Kristen. “They were a great addition to our traditional Pilates offerings since they provide a high-intensity workout for clients looking to add more cardio, while still being low impact on the joints. The Lagree Method is the only patented workout that effectively combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core, and flexibility training not only in one session – but in each and every move!”

For potential clients currently suffering from back pain, joint pain, or any severe medical condition, Kristen recommends starting out with traditional Pilates sessions and working up to taking Megaformer classes. Unlike traditional Pilates, Megaformer does not require starting with private sessions, since classes are designed to be most effective in a small group setting.

“We are, however, more than happy to provide one-on-one instruction if that’s what the client prefers,” says Kristen. “For all new traditional Pilates clients, we require the completion of the Introductory Package which consists of four private sessions before they are able to attend a group class.”

Even as a young entrepreneur, Kristen had her business plan in place, obtaining her first Pilates certification while in college, and opening BodyyMind at the age of 23.

“Initially, my plan was to build the business for a year or two and then go to medical school,” says Kristen. “I soon realized that running my own small business and helping people using the Pilates method was very fulfilling, and I had truly found my calling in being a studio owner and instructor.”

Her clients couldn’t agree more!

  • “Melt and Pilates at BodyMind are the only exercise programs I have stayed with and look forward to each week. Kristen’s excellent skills have kept my 72-year-old body pain free and flexible, which has truly enhanced my life!” – Lynn E.
  • “Megaformer is a full-body workout that delivers unprecedented results in just three days a week!”– Katy L.
  • “Kristen and the other instructors make Megaformer accessible to people at all fitness levels. I loved being pushed to my full potential.”– Cheryl W.

BodyMind Studio is located at 131 S. Stratford Road at the Stratford Village Shopping Center in Winston-Salem. For more information on classes, packages, and pricing, please visit their website or get in touch at


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