From Overweight Misfit to Miss Fit Boss: Meet Liz Hronek

Liz Hronek is one of those people who can truly say her experiences have shaped her.  She spent over half her life struggling with her weight and tried every conceivable diet plan.  Liz attended her first Weight Watchers meeting when she was only eight years old.  By the time Liz was in college, she weighed 300 pounds.

“I tried so many weight loss programs,” said Liz.  “I’d lose weight, and then gain it all back.  I was completely disconnected from my body.  No matter how many pounds I lost, I didn’t know what healthy felt like. So I would gain it all back.”

The degree of Liz’s disconnect came to light when she learned she was pregnant – the day before she gave birth.  That day was a game changer in more ways than one.

“After my daughter was born, I got serious about making a change,” explained Liz. “While I would encourage anyone who wants to lose weight to do it for themselves, at the time, I didn’t love myself enough to do it for me.  But I did love my daughter, so I decided to do it for her.  I missed the joys of pregnancy because I existed in my body.  I didn’t really live in it.  When she was born, I committed to making a lifelong change.  I knew the weight loss techniques I’d used since I was a child weren’t the answer.  But I was determined to figure it out.”

Liz spent the next 18 months learning how to be a mother and how to change her life.  She lost over half her body weight and dealt with the emotional weight that was contributing to the physical weight.  “I know what it’s like to commit to being healthy, and one little trigger can cause the whole thing to collapse.  That’s why it can’t be a ‘house of cards’ approach. Weight loss has to be more substantial than a flimsy basis,” Liz continued.  “I know how it feels to be ashamed of my looks and feel uncomfortable in my clothes,” she went on.  “When I finally got control of my weight (instead of letting my weight control me!), I was determined to help others who wanted to walk the same path.”

Liz has been a certified personal trainer for eight years and also has nutritional therapy certification. She’s taken her expertise in the industry, along with a lifelong voice of experience, and created a program that is designed to inspire, empower, and equip anyone who is serious about a lifelong change.

Formerly “Liz Fit Life,” Miss Fit Boss is a unique and affordable program.  The program begins on Facebook – where members are a part of a closed group community that allows for both privacy and community support. Members have access to five new workout videos every month, which range between 15 – 30 minutes per session.

“It’s hard to fit in workouts while trying to work and care for a family.  I design each workout for specific target areas, and the variety helps keep things fresh.  And since many people also want privacy, in addition to flexibility, all workouts are done from the comfort of home and without expensive equipment… we even use gallons of water and cans of beans for weights!”

In addition to monthly workout videos, Liz provides monthly grocery lists and meal plans.  “Real meals,” said Liz.  “My clients don’t have time to make big, elaborate meals with a lot of specialty and expensive ingredients.  I don’t either.  So the monthly meal plans are affordable, nutritious, and designed to help my clients enjoy healthy eating.”

“I have two goals in my business:  To make it fun.  To make it realistic for life,” said Liz.  “While I have a basic package, I’m willing to work with anyone on a more personal one-on-one level.  I simply want to help others reach their goals and love the body they are given so they can love the one life they have to live!”

Contact Liz Hronek at, or email her at  You can call or text her at 336.549.3015.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram (@MissFitBoss) and like her on Facebook (@TheMissFitLife).  Mention this article for a Forsyth Woman reader discount!


Miss Fit Boss Testimonials!

“Liz is an inspiration to me.  She enabled me to lose 30 pounds and over 20 inches over the last year…  The exercise regimen is awesome, fun, and challenging.  She has helped me realize that changing my eating habits is not as daunting of a task as I had originally thought it would be.”  ~Shawanna G.

“Liz is awesome!  Her workouts are super intense, and she pushes me to be my best with diverse exercises and plenty of support.  I love how she checks in throughout the week to see how I’m doing with my workouts but also just with LIFE!  Nothing but positive energy and compassion comes from Liz when you work with her.  Also, I loved how she made training accessible to me by creating a plan that worked for my budget.”  ~Tiffani O.



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