How to Host a Touchdown of a Super Bowl Party

Go. Fight. Win. Who’s ready for some football? Here are a few simple ideas to throw a Super Bowl Party that stands out from the crowd.

The Food

Let’s be honest. One of the best things about a party is the food. Make sure to have plenty on hand for your guests and remember this is an occasion that calls for casual and fun dining. Embrace it!

See You at the Bar

Ask your party goers to bring an item to share with a Nacho Bar or Chili Bar on party night. If you’re doing a nacho bar you can have a few large bags of tortilla chips on the ready and cook up some ground beef or shredded chicken in your crockpot. Guests can bring toppings like shredded cheese, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa and shredded lettuce. Feeling the Chili Bar idea instead? Cook your favorite chili recipe and have friends sign up to contribute diced onions, Fritos, sour cream, corn bread and other toppings.

Order Up at the Concession Stand

Bring the stadium to your kitchen with a spread that gives a nod to the concession stands! Line up cups of popcorn and pretzels and place hot dogs or mini burger sliders out on trays. Add some large bins filled with crushed ice and ice-cold soda and beer for a fun option for your drink station and let your guests help themselves.

Did Someone say Pizza?

Individual pizzas are a fantastic way to make sure everyone’s tastes are met while keeping things simple. Purchase some pizza dough or pita shells and have a slew of shredded mozzarella and toppings for everyone to choose from. And hey, if it’s been a busy week and you’re game day ready but don’t want to put in the extra effort, then go old school and dial-up! Get a few different pizzas and wings from your favorite local pizza place. You can’t go wrong.

The Decorations

Set the scene at the snack table or around the whole house with some fun Super Bowl decorations.

Loyal Fan Favorite

We’re talking team logos and colors plastering the party. If you want your house to scream with team pride you can do it without spending too much on store-bought decorations. Jump on your computer to print out some of your favorite players’ faces to cut out and a few large team logo images to tape up. You can grab balloons and streamers at your local party store – just call ahead to make sure they have your team colors on hand.

Football All Day Everyday

Play up your favorite sport and grab some football paper plates and napkins and a balloon or two near the TV. Are you the DIYer of the group? Create a fun football bunting out of brown felt and white paint to hang up, or grab some brown paper bags for snacks to look more stadium-friendly. Head over to and search for simple Super Bowl decoration ideas and get to work.

The Big Day

It’s game day and your food and decorations are all set but there may be a few little extras to think about.

Tidy Up

Remember, it’s not a bad time to grab the Windex and wipe down that TV screen! All eyes will be on the big game, so you might as well make sure the view looks good. Also, don’t forget to have some paper towels or rags handy because if ever someone was going to spill something in your house, it will be during a rowdy football game full of cheering.

Grab a Seat

Worried about not having enough seating? The Super Bowl is the perfect time to forget proper seats and let your guests get comfy around the room. Grab a few extra chairs from the dining room to spread out around the couch and throw some large pillows and throw blankets around the room for extra seating. Guests can pile in and get comfy while cheering for their favorite team.

Let’s Get This Party Started

Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun with your guests. Watch the game and enjoy the commercials with everyone and don’t fuss over clean up until everyone’s gone.


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