The 2 Words You Need to Focus On When It Comes to Content

From the moment your customer opens their eyes in the morning to the time they fall asleep at night, they have consumed content from a multitude of industries, personalities, and platforms.

The idea that every piece of content that we create as business owners will be something life-changing for our customers or our business is obviously not a realistic thought. Do we hope that we’re creating content that matters and makes a difference? Of course! But how can you compete when the entire universe seems to be pumping out content a million miles a minute, all in an effort to win over the consumers of the world?

The answer to this question is one that receives a lot of different answers from social media gurus and marketing experts, but when it comes down to it, I believe the answer is pretty simple: you can’t.

If your goal as a brand is to win over every consumer opportunity there is, I think it’s important for you to find a new goal. At the end of the day, you don’t want every consumer; you want the ones that truly need what you have to offer and are on fire for your business. Once you adjust your focus and narrow in on who you’re truly going for as a customer, the goals behind your content becomes so much clearer!

While the world tells you that we need “pretty” content that’s curated beautifully with an aesthetic that the Kardashians themselves would covet, there is so much more to it. This year as you build out a content plan, concentrate on two words: culture and connection.


From social media and blog posts to paid advertisements and video content, everything you share from your brand is building a culture around your business. Ultimately, this is what helps a consumer decide if your business is for them or not. The culture of your company is built from these three components evident throughout your content:

● Mission – Why does your brand exist in the first place? Who are you here for?

● Values – How are you/your product making a difference in the world? What’s unique about how you show up in the world?

● Passion – What fuels you and, therefore, your customers?


If you don’t have connection, then you have nothing. You can write and photograph all the content you can muster, but if it’s not creating real connection with an audience then sadly, it has no purpose. Connection builds trust, which translates into paying customers who become fans of your work. Here are three factors to consider when checking to make sure your content is connection building:

● Relatable – Can it create a commonality between someone or something that reminds them of their own life?

● Emotional – Does it make someone really feel something and stir up a connection?

● Relational – Will it build a relationship with your customer where they feel they can keep coming back? Is there a sense of loyalty present?

When you pause your process to really think about the culture you’re creating and the connection you’re hoping to make with customers, your content starts to follow a flow you can’t ignore!




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