A 12-Month Natural Remedy Reference Guide

An aching body leads to a feeling that soon, additional symptoms will arrive. We often bypass over-the-counter medication in hopes a hot shower and a good night’s sleep is the cure. The solution is in understanding the power of medicinal herbs. In loving the smell and taste of peppermint, chamomile and lavender, for instance, every herb or combination can eliminate symptoms, especially in the onset of sickness.


Common Cold: One of the remedies of sneezing, coughing and body aches is to find a couch and become enveloped by fleece blankets while holding a mug of fragrant tea. Not just any teabag will do. The vital ingredients are:

  • Echinacea: It stimulates the immune system while impacting bacterial infections and viruses. It also contains antioxidants.
  • Chamomile: A popular herb, chosen for its soothing properties to ease stomachaches and body pain, and promote sleep.
  • Peppermint: The leaves of this wonder herb contain antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It can boost energy levels, improve feelings of nausea and fight clogged sinuses.

Beyond the steeped cup of tea, don’t forget to add lemon (to alleviate the congestion) and a teaspoon of raw, unfiltered honey (to soothe the throat.) Drinking hot tea warms the body, potentially promotes sleep and aids hydration.

Flu Symptoms: The berries of elderberry are full of antioxidants and vitamins that promote a boost to the immune system. The syrup is a versatile solution for all ailments. While it aids inflammations and stress, it can significantly reduce the symptoms of body aches and colds, too.

Excessive Dry Skin or Rashes: Make a cup of chamomile tea. After soaking a cotton cloth within the infusion, apply it as a compress and repeat two or three times a day (depending upon the severity of the rash).


Seasonal Allergies: One teaspoon of raw, unfiltered honey during allergy season can reduce inflammation in the cell membranes while promoting the body’s health. Store-bought honey does not contain sources of antioxidants or possess antibacterial and antifungal properties. Both garlic and rosemary are natural antihistamines and can improve the immune system. During the winter, seek out recipes that include herbs, especially garlic and rosemary.


Bug Bites: Rather than spending the summer covered in pink lotion, try an alternative approach – oils. Lemon eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender or lemongrass may be the solution you require. A small dab to the infected area eliminates the need to scratch and also promotes healing.

Eczema, Diaper Rash, Sunburn: Of course, you can buy a lotion; however, a homemade container of infused coconut oil and chamomile works great and is less expensive! The mixture boosts healing due to the antibacterial properties of coconut oil and the soothing effects of chamomile.

Directions: In a four-ounce mason jar, add a half-cup of coconut oil and either one teaspoon of chamomile flowers or one chamomile tea bag. Make sure the flowers or bag is fully covered. Screw on the lid. Place the jar in a crockpot. Add hot water until it consumes half of the jar. Set on warm for four hours. Afterward, strain the flowers through a cheesecloth or remove the teabag. Wait until the oil hardens to use. Good for six months.


Chapped Lips: The change of weather from hot to cold doesn’t just alter our wardrobe. It also affects the moisture in our skin and lips. And, there’s nothing worse than chapped lips. The difficulty with topicals is that they take time to work. A solution that possesses both antioxidants and can hydrate parched skin is possible. Try using a cooled tea bag of green tea. Place on your lip for a few minutes. To help promote moisture in the home and air, use a humidifier throughout the dry season, especially in the bedrooms.

Mouth Pain: Mint is a powerful herb to aid in moments of pain, whether it is a sore throat or mouth pain; therefore, consider drinking peppermint tea with a teaspoon of honey!

Tired Eyes: After drinking a cup of chamomile tea, place the tea bag in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Rest the bag on your eyes for 10 minutes and feel the difference!

With a list of home remedies, you can relieve, recover and restore!


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