Woshbox: Dropping Off & Picking Up Your Laundry Just Got A Lot Easier!

We’ve all been there. You left work late because of a staff meeting and you have that one last stop before you can go home and relax…the dry cleaners! You have a big breakfast seminar in the morning and you need to pick up your blouse or dress shirt for the morning. You get stuck in traffic and make it to the dry cleaners 15 minutes after they close. That sinking feeling when all the lights are out at the cleaners and your order is ready, but you can’t get to it, is the worst. For customers of Woshbox in Clemmons, NC, that scenario is a thing of the past with their new ‘365 Kiosk,’ where you can drop off and pick up after hours and on holidays, making life a whole lot easier!

Always Looking for Advancements to Help Customers

You Jung opened his first dry cleaners in Clemmons, Crystal Cleaners, in 2003 after moving to the area with his wife from South Korea. As he grew to understand what customers truly wanted from their cleaners, the idea of Woshbox formed and now there are three locations including Clemmons (formerly Crystal Cleaners). 

Woshbox has become the go-to dry cleaner and laundry service for customers who want to have a bit more time in their daily lives and let someone else deal with their laundry!

“Woshbox is member of a dry cleaning association in the USA, helping us to educate ourselves on improving our services and understanding our customers’ needs. In 2022, we went to an event in Las Vegas, where we saw this awesome system that can help our customers have access to their cleaning orders after hours. We are all about customer convenience, that’s why we offer free pick-ups and delivery, and now with 365 Kiosk, they don’t have to rush to get their cleaning!” said Massiel Tovar, Manager at Woshbox.

As Easy as It Gets!

The 365 Kiosk process is as easy as it gets!

“Customers can set up an account with us either online at getwoshbox.com or in person at one of our locations. After customers drop off an order with us, we will process it. When it is ready, our customer will receive a message with a barcode, their ID, and a lot number. They can then come by, after hours, at their convenience, scan the barcode, and get their order from the 365 Kiosk. Currently, this service is only at the Clemmons location, but we hope to implement it at our other locations soon. There is no upcharge for this service and the only requirement is that you have an account with Woshbox and a credit card on file to process the payment when the order is ready,” Massiel commented.

Knowing Your Business Starts with Knowing Your Customers

Woshbox began their expansion in 2020, right at the beginning of the Covid restrictions, giving You and Massiel a perspective of how, not only was Woshbox affected, but how their customers dealt with the change to their lives. 

“After the past few years, with all the price increases of everything, we came up with the idea of a VIP membership to help our customers by giving them a 20% discount on all drying cleaning and laundry services every time they visit with us. It is totally free and the only requirements are to have a credit card on file and an email so we can send them the best deals every week. At Woshbox, we focus on making the customer experience the best it can be!” stated Massiel.

Woshbox locations: 3608 Clemmons Road, Clemmons, NC, 336.712.3155; 133 Oakwood Drive, 336.725.3773 and 5061 University Parkway, 336.602.2860, both in Winston-Salem, NC.  For more information, visit www.getwoshbox.com


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