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Happy April!  It’s officially spring now and I’m loving this beautiful weather!  As we all know though, NC weather does not respect seasons.  Hopefully, the spring will prevent winter from throwing any last-minute snowstorms our way.  But I love spring, and it’s always been my favorite season.  I enjoy listening to the birds sing and seeing the buds on the trees.  It makes me giddy with excitement!

This is an extra-special April for my family and me as my nephew and his beautiful wife and four children are moving back to the states!  They have been stationed overseas – first in Germany and then Guam – for so long!  We are elated!  While their new home will be in Arizona, it’s much closer and won’t require a passport!  My great-nephews range between newborn and 14…. It will be great to see them more frequently, along with my six other great-nieces and nephews!  Family is so important!  I cannot wait to have my family all together soon!

Speaking of family, I do want to share this really neat family photo.  Our family has a pattern of welcoming a new baby every ten years, and somehow, they are always girls!  Pictured:

Kelley, my oldest niece, was born in 1980

Brooke, my daughter, was born in 1990

Alexandra, another niece, was born in 2000

Emma, my oldest great-niece, was born in 2010

My soon-to-be-youngest niece (name TBD) will be born in 2020

We also want to take a moment to thank each of you for participating in the 2020 Readers’ Survey!  This information helps us plan content and better understand our readers’ wants and needs.  We are having a great year at Forsyth Magazines, and we want to keep the momentum going strong for you, our advertising partners, and team!

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t chime in on this Coronavirus situation.  At this moment, we are in the middle of much uncertainty.  Every time I turn around, I hear of cancellations to events, church services, gatherings, and more.  By the time these magazines return from the printer, I don’t know where things will be.  But what I do know is this: supporting small business is critical at any time, but especially now.  Make sure you’re showing your support to small businesses during and after this crisis.  Wash your hands, and stay well!  Stay positive.  As the old saying goes, “This too, shall pass.”  Let’s let it unite us and come through on the other side stronger than ever!



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