TRU Taekwondo: Impacting the Elementary Schools 

Matthew & McKenzie serving at Jefferson Elementary


TRU Establishing Roots
TRU Taekwondo has been making an impact for over 10 years in this community. Since the start in April 2012 on Peters Creek Parkway, TRU has grown and expanded their territory touching countless students and families. After growth and expansion, they now have campuses now on Hickory Tree Road, Country Club Road, in Bermuda Run, on Union Cross Road in Kernersville, and off Ramada Drive in Clemmons. Co-Owners Philip Averett and Grand Master Douglas both agree that “it’s never been about numbers or locations always about how staff can make a meaningful impact to families and serve the community”.


Philip Averett & Grand Master Douglas, Co-Owners

The Mission of TRU Taekwondo
The mission of TRU has always been to invest, commit, and to build excellent leaders. This is done with programs in place at TRU Taekwondo such as their leadership team, opportunities to serve within public schools, service projects, internal events, and demo team. In addition, every class is taught with the intentionality of meeting students where they are with a growth mindset. Master Terranova, Master Cadiente, Master McLean, and Master Arguello, the lead instructors at TRU, have grown exponentially in the past 10 years under Grand Master Douglas and Philip Averett’s leadership. They are now pouring into young lives all across this community.
Students Set Apart in Elementary School
The community has been transformed because of TRU! Elementary schools are full of students who embody values taught at TRU – respect, confidence, and focus. Something all parents, teachers, and educators can appreciate! Students are able to be leaders in their own school and stand a part from others as they are held at high standards through TRU Taekwondo. Students are also able to hold each other accountable. Summer Jackson of Southwest Elementary “appreciates the comradery between students that wouldn’t likely be there if it wasn’t for TRU”. She notes that students are able to make friends and “be kind” to one another in the halls, in the class, and have “just one more friend” because of the community TRU has created in her school.


Master Cadiente, TRU Taekwondo Lead Instructor & Mrs. Summer Jackson, Southwest Elementary Principal

Elementary Teacher Support
In addition, Jackson along with other Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools, Davie County Schools, Davidson County Schools, & Guildford County School Educators have been thankful for the relationships the TRU instructors have with their students. As TRU instructors regularly pop in and check on students, this holds students accountable while also providing support to both the teacher and school as a whole. With long standing relationships at local elementary schools, instructors regularly keep in contact to better support the students. Principal Summer Jackson of Southwest Elementary appreciates the “relationship between TRU and Southwest – as it only makes students better to have extra support”.

Thank You Teachers!
TRU Taekwondo is thankful for all the strong relationships across elementary schools in the community. Grand Master Douglas and Philip Averett have been very thoughtful in creating, maintaining, and growing relationships with schools. They know beyond parents, teachers are one students biggest advocates, and want to be there to support them!

TRU Taekwondo has campuses on Country Club Road, Hickory Tree Road, Union Cross Road, Bermuda Run, and off Ramada Drive in Clemmons. To learn more visit


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