Triad Women’s Club: Empowering Women One Scholarship at a Time

TWC Mission

Triad Women’s Club (TWC) is an evolution of the former Professional Women of Winston-Salem (PWWS), which has been in existence since 1990. TWC’s vision is to build an inclusive circle of diverse women in all stages of their lives and careers from across the Piedmont Triad. Whether a woman has retired from a phenomenal career, temporarily stepped aside from the workplace to stay at home, planning to go back to school to make a career change, or is at the height of her professional journey, Triad Women’s Club offers a space to cultivate and nourish authentic relationships. 

TWC Membership Benefits 

TWC offers many opportunities for members to grow and build valuable relationships. As Jobana Semones (Marketing Committee) shares, “Quarterly luncheon speaker series, Breakfast Club, SWAP (Socials with a Purpose), and other happenings throughout the year provide women a chance to gather for camaraderie, sips, nibbles, and meaningful connections.” By offering many and varied events and meeting times, TWC is able to reach more women and give them the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and supportive community. Standard ($55/year) and premiere ($100) memberships are available with benefits galore! To learn more about how you can be part of TWC, please visit


TWC Scholarship Fund

  • History

In 2000, PWWS established a scholarship program to help single mothers in Forsyth County complete their education while juggling the demands of family, work, and school, all while demonstrating a strong commitment to their academic studies. From the beginning, the organization has been known for its philanthropic work toward economically empowering women. Corporate sponsorships were relied upon to make these annual scholarships possible (up to $2000 each) and fulfill the promise of PWWS to promote, support, and honor women through professional and personal growth and development opportunities. 

  • Evolution

Over the years, the Scholarship Fund has enabled women to transform the cyclical nature of poverty into a cycle of prosperity. Under TWC, the program expanded its reach beyond Forsyth County to encompass women in the Triad. To date, scholarships have been awarded to dozens of employed, single mothers attending school in the Triad, improving their financial security and well-being for themselves and their families. TWC has heard over and over again that the scholarships made a significant difference in being able to afford their classes and, ultimately, complete their degree. 

Being a young mother, in college, and during the pandemic was one of the toughest moments of my life. Receiving this scholarship and not having to worry financially about paying for college gave me such peace of mind. I am currently employed in Ocular Plastic Surgery and working towards getting my certification in Ophthalmic Billing and Coding.

-Briana Coad, TWC Scholarship Recipient

  • Future

In addition to AA and BA/BS degrees, TWC will accept scholarship applications from women seeking vocational training degrees beginning in fall, 2023. As Margaret Weir (Scholarship Program Chair) states, “Vocational schools offer women a more expeditious, affordable path towards well-paying and stable careers with immediate earnings.” Whatever professional path a woman chooses, the TWC scholarship program helps provide tuition and books for one semester/quarter at an accredited institution. The next scholarship(s) will be awarded in January 2024. Students may apply for more than one semester or quarter; however, a new application packet must be completed each time. For scholarship application information, please go to

Why is the TWC scholarship program so important?
Research suggests that single mothers in North Carolina who graduate with an AA degree are 44 percent, and with a BA/BS degree are 71 percent, less likely to live in poverty than a high school graduate. With an AA degree, single mothers earn nearly $7,000 annually more than a single mother with only a high school education. Similarly, single mothers with a bachelor’s degree earn nearly $20,000 more annually. And, just one year of vocational school education can increase a woman’s lifetime earnings by up to 20 percent. It is clear…single mothers with advanced education can better provide for their families, make substantial economic contributions to the economy, and use fewer public benefits. 

How can you help support the TWC Scholarship Program?

As a non-profit organization, TWC encourages and strongly relies upon businesses, organizations, and individuals to help support this 20+ year program in making a difference for individual women and the community at large. Presently, the maximum scholarship awarded is $2000, but the goal is to award scholarships to as many viable candidates as possible. Sponsors interested in learning more about how they can help may email or simply click the DONATE button on the TWC website: Donations for the Scholarship Program are welcomed throughout the year. 

Arbor Investment Advisors is honored to support the Scholarship Program as a founding sponsor of TWC.  The stories of the women that the Scholarship Program has touched ae awe inspiring and the impact these women are having on their families and our community is exponential.  We are honored to have the opportunity to play the smallest of roles in this big, big story.

-Erika L. Mielke, JD, CFP®, CEPA®, Principal | Arbor Investment Advisors. To learn more about the Triad Women’s Club, visit,, or                               


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