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If you had walked through the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Gardens this past summer to attend Artisans in the Garden, you would have immediately noticed the eclectic range of designs from handmade wall clocks, to wooden toy trucks, hand crafted ornaments, local pottery and beautiful jewelry. You would have also noticed the friendly vendors, supporting each other and having a great time!  LaDonna Crist, a member of the Triad Craft and Art Guild, stated that their members are all unique. “Not one of us is making the same thing as another. It’s phenomenal. And we love to have fun!” The Triad Craft and Art Guild was formed as other Guilds around the area dissolved or word spread that this guild was very artist friendly. It prides itself on having members that make aesthetically pleasing designs and do it all by hand. Items are created, re-created, or repurposed by each artisan. Artisans in the Triad Craft and Art Guild have skills in woodworking, glass fusion, alcohol painting, embroidery, vinyl record designs, handcrafting jewelry, sewing, soap making, fiber arts, knitting, art on canvas, vinyl imprinting, and more! Each member brings a unique perspective to the group when working together. Some are great at advertising; others are good with the computer or coming up with innovative ideas. Working together with a group helps to build each other’s passions and businesses. Seasoned vendors in the group can also guide new artisans on the “in’s and out’s” of the business, helping them learn the process more quickly than going it alone. 

The Guild is always looking for new members to join their group. Current members range in age and have different years of experience. Whether someone is new to handcrafting or they have been crafting a product for a while, there is a place for them in the Triad Craft and Art Guild! Their overall goal is to have fun, create pieces, empower each other, and bring their pieces to the public! The Guild meets monthly to learn from each other, celebrate each other, and plan for events to display and sell their designs. The event that occurred this past summer is one of two large events that they plan and hold throughout the year. No matter where you run into artisans from the Triad Craft and Art Guild, what you will notice is their friendliness, their passion for creating, the support they have for each other, and how much fun they enjoy having throughout the process! 

“There is creativity in everyone. When you find a passion, no matter whether it’s a hobby or your job, you can lose yourself in the process and it becomes so much fun,” said Crist.

If you are interested in learning more about the Triad Craft and Art Guild, you can email them at or find them on Facebook. Their next event will take place December 1st and 2nd. They are interested in having more artisans join as vendors.  If you plan to come to their events, you can ensure you are shopping local, supporting the local community, and you are able to meet the actual person behind the art or craft. It becomes a more personal experience! There will also not be any other piece that looks the same! 


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