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Professional athletes are at the top of their game.  They train tirelessly, for most of their young lives, to be prepared to play their sport on the highest level.  But it’s not always about fine-tuning the sport itself.  What we often don’t think about is the rigorous total body conditioning that goes into maintaining an athlete’s body, as they grow, to increase their ability to play well.  At Torque Performance and Fitness, they specialize in exactly this kind of performance training.

A Vision Realized

Five years ago, coaches Adam and Jessica Barber were ready for a fitness space of their own.  “We needed a space where they could train athletes the right way.  We had a vision of working with kids and adults to help them develop in their sport by creating a specific total body approach to their conditioning,” said Jessica.  They started with 2000 square feet and five athletes.  Since that time their business has grown to 150 plus athletes in a variety of sports and several major league clients representing MLB, the NFL, and Professional Rugby.  This year they have also had 11 athletes signed to division one schools so far.  

Customized Training

Because of their individualized training techniques, Torque Performance and Fitness is able to work with athletes of any sport and any age. They start training options at age seven.  The experienced staff uses a scientific method behind the training they provide. This helps to keep athletes healthy in their sport by preventing injury.  A customized plan is created and implemented to help the body grow in a wholesome and healthy way.  They take young athletes and give them the foundation they need while keeping them fully prepared throughout their journey.  The coaches use a combination of speed training, strength training and conditioning to provide constant growth.  With two to four sessions weekly, they are able to get the athlete’s body ready for their sport.

Regular Assessments

Each athlete is assessed in 6-8 week intervals to define goals as they progress.  They re-evaluate the athlete based on current goals of the season and long-term needs. This allows them to stay on top of how their body is progressing and tweak the training to be as effective as possible. They provide preseason, in-season and postseason customization and nutritional programming and counseling at no additional charge. The main goal is to prepare each athlete’s body so that they can safely grow in their sport to peak levels of performance throughout the year. 

Crossfit for Parents

If you have an athlete training at Torque, you can set yourself up for your own full body training at Crossfit Polydamas.  In the same location as Torque Performance and Fitness, Crossfit Polydamas can provide a convenient space for you to work on your own health while your child is training with Torque.  You will start with a four-week beginner program where coaches will be able to assess where you are and where you want to be.  They will then create a customized plan, implemented in a group setting.  They will coach you to strengthen your weaknesses and balance your body through strength and mobility conditioning in addition to gymnastics, also known as body weight movements.  These are fun, effective 45-minute classes that promote weight loss and muscle building. If you are interested in learning more about Crossfit Polydamas, follow the link on the Torque Performance and FItness Website. 

Torque Performance and Fitness can be found at 5539 HWY. 158, Suite 101B, Advance, NC 27006, conveniently located near Meg Brown Home Furnishings and Tanglewood Pizza Company, directly between Hillsdale Real Estate Group and Bizzy Beez.  For more information, visit their website at  You can set up a time for a free, comprehensive athletic assessment for you or your young athlete to see how Torque can work for you. 


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