Top 5 Tips for Getting out the Door on Time


It always seems like such a simple task: going out the door to an event. It could be leaving for work, an event, a play date, church, etc. Yet while it may seem like an easy enough task, this activity is far from simple. Most adults feel some form of stress when it comes to trying to get out the door on time. There is always a long list of items that need to happen prior to the door even opening, that always seem to get in the way. Anything from choosing an outfit for the event, to changing a blowout diaper – unless one can see into the future, there is always something that can pop up and make us late.

With the 2020-2021 school year in full swing, it seems like now more than ever, we all can feel stress about leaving the house. While many of us may be working/teaching our children at home (thank you COVID-19), we still need to get out of the house to run our usual errands, etc. And those with children seem to know all too well, that this “simple task” can be incredibly daunting, especially now that it seems we have to carry a small arsenal of “COVID-19 protection gear.” From our face masks, to our hand sanitizers, to our gloves, today’s quick outing can become quite a long one.

As the holiday season approaches, it is vital to maximize every minute. From shopping, to decorating, this is the time of the year, when getting out the door is extremely important. Looking for a few tips on how to get out of the door on time? Read on for five tips sure to make this intimidating task, simple again.

Tip #1: Prepare, prepare, prepare. Do not leave items that can be done the night before, until the morning. Whether it is packing your bagged lunch for work, or mixing formula into your baby’s bottles for daycare, it is extremely time savvy to do these quick items the night prior. Preparing beforehand will also give you extra time to react if you realize a surprise on your calendar for the next day.

Tip #2: The early bird does catch the worm! Yes, getting up early is a simple way to make getting out the door easy again. While it is very tempting to hit the snooze button a few times (we all do it), try and get up earlier than you normally do. With this extra time, you’re able to enjoy your morning again, and maybe even sneak in an extra activity (like go for a morning run or do an online yoga workout).

Tip #3: Lay out your clothing the night prior. Just like when you were in school, planning out your outfit the night before can greatly save you time. This can be especially true when you also want to sneak in a trip to the gym (assuming they are open) as well. We have all done the morning clothes hunt. This is super not fun when trying to get out the door on time. Why add stress when this item can be done beforehand?

Tip #4: Put yourself ahead of the kiddos. While this may sound rude, it is not at all. Many of us rush out of bed to help get our toddler ready for daycare, and then we are scrambling to put on an outfit and head out the door. This method rarely works. Instead, get yourself ready first and then take care of the others in your household.

Tip #5: Help yourself and put items in easy to remember spots. If it seems like you’re always running back into the house for X, Y, or Z, then eliminate this stress. Place this item right by the door, or even better, the car. If you’re always running back in for your favorite sunglasses, why not leave them in the glove compartment? That way, you avoid having to run back in, adding more time to the already ticking clock.


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