Three Strands Recovery Wear: A Daughter’s Love for Her Mother

In the United States, there is a 13% chance of a woman developing breast cancer at some point in her life; that is one out of every eight women. When a woman is first diagnosed with breast cancer, her journey to healing is just beginning and with all the medical advancements, winning the battle is more possible now than ever. But if you are that one out of eight, life takes on a whole new look and your support system of family, friends, and medical professionals become your lifeline.

Seeing a Much Bigger Picture

In 2016, Nancy Wyrick of Salisbury, NC, was diagnosed with breast cancer and her daughter, Leah, a teenager at the time, took on a role that no teenager wants to have.

With my mother’s diagnosis in 2016, I watched her struggle with many post-operative complications that made her lose a sense of confidence and control in herself and her body. From her mastectomy, to a failed breast reconstruction attempt, an infection, a second breast reconstruction, and three subsequent surgeries due to complications, all in two years, I was by my mother’s side through every doctor appointment and procedure. After my mother’s final reconstruction, I listened to my mother’s surgeon, Dr. Samuel Roy, express his frustrations with the current recovery bras on the market today and how they lack advancements in their design, comfort, and features. I was inspired to not only help my mother, but millions of other women who undergo the same complications every day. With the expertise of a caring physician and highly skilled surgeon in Dr. Roy, we have custom designed the Resilience Bra to help prevent the number of complications patients can face post-surgery, provide greater comfort to women, and promote confidence in themselves through a highly functional bra. Ultimately, I created my company, Three Strands Recovery Wear, with a mission for giving women a product that they can trust throughout their recovery that gives them the power and control to recover in confidence,” said Leah.

What’s In A Name?

When Leah was brainstorming for a name for her company to produce recovery wear for breast cancer and breast cosmetic surgical patients, she got inspiration from a ‘sign’ her mother had purchased a few weeks before.

I was lying down on my living room couch and looked up and saw the sign with the Bible verse, Ecclesiastes 4:12- ‘A cord of three strands is not easily broken.’ My mother bought the sign to represent the strength of our close-knit family, but it had a bigger meaning to me. I knew I wanted the name of my company to reflect the strength and power of those women who would be our community. That was the beginning of Three Strands Recovery Wear Corporation,” Leah commented.

You Know What They Say, ‘When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade’

My mother’s battle with cancer changed me; it forced me to grow up at a very young age, but through this journey, I have been given the opportunity to help change the lives of millions of other women just like my mother. I have always considered my mom to be my best friend, so you can imagine that at the age of 16, with her first diagnosis, my world completely flipped in one day. I believe one thing that has stuck with me through my mom’s breast cancer was her fierce and determined attitude. She knew this process was not going to be easy, but she knew that she would beat it and would have her family beside her every step of the way. Her grace, resilience, and grit have been the biggest influence behind my company, as I try to create a community for our breast surgical patients that doesn’t sugar coat this difficult process. I truly want my products to help ease some of the difficulties that patients experience,” stated Leah.

To further the future of her business, Leah is establishing relationships with local plastic surgeons and other groups, getting feedback on how to continue making the best products to aid in breast cancer and breast cosmetic recovery.

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