The Forsyth Mags Team is feeling GRATEFUL…

In is year of fear and uncertainty, many of us have taken a hard look at what we value and what we really care about. When Thanksgiving Day comes around at the end of November, what will YOU be grateful for? We asked some of our Forsyth Magazines team staff and got a wide variety of responses.

I am grateful for the breath that breathes me, the resilience that fortifies me, and the love that has and always will sustain me.

  • Jean Marie Johnson, Writer

I am grateful that my loved ones and I possess good health, fulfilling jobs, and that we live in a community that cares about each other. 

  • Sara Migliarese, Writer

I am thankful for the health and safety of my family. In a year full of surprises, all the extra time with the people who mean the most to me has been a blessing in disguise!

  • Meghan Corbett, Senior Staff Writer & Editor

I am grateful for friends who became family!

  • Martie Emory, Writer=

I am grateful for the flexibility and creative thinking this season has brought to my family; as well as the ability to wear athleisure daily.

-Tabi Falcone, Writer

I am thankful for the first mug of coffee in the morning and a cozy bed at night, for lifelong friends and new friends, and for the unfathomable love of God that carries me though each day.

-Debbie Barr, Writer

This year especially, I am grateful for the simple joys of this life. The love of my family, the gift of friendship, and the beauty this world offers each and every day. 

-Julie Fritz, Writer

I am grateful for dirty dishes and crumbs under the table, because that means there was food on the table to be enjoyed with loved ones!

-Lauren Sephton, Writer

I am grateful for humor and people who can find the funny in a challenging situation!  

Laughter is the best medicine!

  • Tabatha Renegar, Writer

I am grateful for the energy to keep fighting to make this country a better place for all people.
– Jen Brown, Writer

I’m grateful for my awesome family who love & support each other, for God who continually blesses, and for all of my crazy friends (you know who you are!). Thankful for Forsyth Magazines as the absolute best place to work, and for my clients who make it possible to earn a living by interacting with great people every day. 

-Tamara Bodford, Senior Account Executive

I am grateful for my wonderful job and my good health, my magnificent friends and my loving pups. And coffee. And gummy bears.

-Kim Beane, Editor

I am grateful for my loved ones and for all the special moments we have shared together this past year. I’m also thankful for the inspiration and resilience my students show me each and every day during this crazy time. 

-Megan Taylor, Writer

I am grateful for my faith, family, and friends (fur babies, included). Also, a sipping a good cuppa Tea-lation! tea, creating original songs, drumming to rock songs, photographing beautiful blooms, and cooking + sharing a yummy meal.

-Susan B. B. Schabacker, Writer



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