Keeping it Real: I Remember!

Those school pictures from back in the day run together, don’t they? I can’t for the life of me decipher which grade each one represents unless I find Mama’s scribbling on the back. But with one picture, I don’t wonder for even a second. I remember like it was yesterday: fifth grade, my departure from […]

Keeping it Real: Don’t You Even Care?

BY DR. DEBBIE LANIER Have you ever cried out to God about a situation, yet He seems to stay completely silent? You see nothing to encourage you that God is hearing you. In fact, things seem to be spiraling, leaving you wondering, “LORD, Don’t You Even Care?” Yep, I’ve been there. We witness these moments […]

Keeping it Real: The Posture of The Heart

BY DEBBIE LANIER If you want to rile someone up these days, start talking about injustice. It’s the buzzword of our time. Truly! If you want to sway emotions toward your cause, simply describe it in the context of a wrong perpetrated and its absolute unfairness. While some have experienced graver levels of injustice than […]

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