Summer Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Spring market this year had to be canceled; however, despite the pandemic and shutdown, our manufactures were kind enough to mail us catalogs, samples, and fabrics. With each turn of the page, there is an air of excitement and optimism with all the new fabrics and outdoor furnishings available. It certainly has me looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the beautiful warm weather instead of being cooped up in the house. We are always eager to create and imagine new looks for our clients when we receive new fabrics.

Here at June DeLugas Interiors, we are ready and enthusiastic to meet customers and clients so that we may take care of their design needs.  Planning an outdoor space is no different than an indoor space. With a spark of inspiration, such as a new and fresh fabric, we begin to imagine the outdoor space.  We will then put together a drawing, find our manufacturer and products that will fit the need of our client, create the completed look, and show it to the client.

One manufacturer, Sunbrella fabrics, has so many outdoor options to inspire your space. The world of color can be yours. People want to get the most value for their purchases and outdoor furnishings are no different. We have many options to fit your budget and we can create your dream escape or entertaining area. Our favorite shades of green and blue are currently popular. And we do not want to forget yellow; it is making a comeback into our lives with pillows and fabrics.   Fabrics may have green, gray, yellow, and blue with a cream background.   I have to say, yellow provides depth and a refreshing new appeal from the past.

Concluding with a few answers about outdoor furnishings and fabrics: Our Lane Venture cushions can be left outside without worry, because they are as strong as they are beautiful, and they will withstand the elements for years to come.  It is important to vacuum dirt from your outdoor rugs, periodically.  To clean mildew from cushions, first vacuum well. Then, prepare a solution of l cup bleach + l/4 cup mild liquid soap + 1 gallon of warm water.  Spray the solution on the entire area and allow to soak into fabric for l5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.  Clean entire surface with soft cloth and then air dry.

It is that simple with Sunbrella fabrics: the miracle fabric made in North Carolina.  Let your outdoors become your oasis!


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