Such-N-Such Media Produces Solutions for Businesses and Aspiring Entertainers

Gone are the days when consumers learned about the latest local businesses, music and current events from periodicals, nightly news and television advertisements only. Podcasting has steadily increased in popularity within the last decade, enticing commuters and travelers as well as anyone looking for substantial conversations to fill the time. While most podcast listeners can easily find and acquire their podcasts of choice, not everyone knows how to produce them.

Such-N-Such Media serves the Triad community as one of the few and far between broadcasting and media production companies that fine-tune finished products for an individual or business’ entertainment needs. Owned by locally loved Tim Beeman, Such-N-Such Media consists of a dedicated and enthusiastic team that makes clients feel right at home. Businesses seek Beeman’s services to let locals know about their products and service, while individuals solely interested in starting a podcast of their own know that Such-N-Such Media has them covered.

Beeman is one-of-a-kind, not only in charisma, but also in the services he offers the Triad community. Aside from recording and producing podcasts, he serves as a coach from everything to the conception of a podcast to its distribution. His expertise allows him to work with aspiring podcasters on finding their angles and voices, potential improvements that can be made and best podcast practices regarding episode length and frequency. Most importantly, he provides ready-to-use equipment to take away the hassle of investing in pricey products that require a learning curve and extensive set-up. He is quick to tackle any internal technological issues to ensure your episodes are published in a timely manner and communicates any troubles he encounters to ease your mind.

His stunning studio space, located in downtown Winston-Salem, is a vibrant corner office including an inspiring city view and a comfortable atmosphere ideal for chatting, putting podcast hosts and guests in a positive mood. In fact, it is the perfect environment for producing Camel City Radio, an internet-based radio station broadcasting 24 hours per day. The station is fully commercial, allowing Beeman and co-hosts carte blanche when it comes to content. Listeners can hear anything from Britney Spears to Metallica and Loretta Lynn throughout the day, showing a glimpse into what “old school” radio used to be in the college radio format. Beeman’s wife, Stephanie, even has her own show on Camel City Radio, along with his partner, which keeps conversational topics and music preferences diverse. Beeman and partners strive to steer the station away from talk radio; instead, they aspire to focus primarily on music and advertising for local businesses.

Beeman’s own brain child, The Less Desirables Podcast, is approaching its 14th year of production, having only missed one weekly episode since its birth. Beeman and Co-Host Bethany Miller have collected hundreds of listeners over the years with a loyal fanbase, with the podcast being considered a pop culture classic in the southeast. Find episodes every Wednesday for free on any podcast streaming platform, including popular Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Beeman also produces Greater Conversations Podcast on behalf of Greater Winston-Salem, Inc., formerly known as the Chamber of Commerce. Beeswax Vinyl Daily is a podcast that Beeman has produced for three years, spitting out episodes daily for 12 minutes or less that cover music-related topics. With almost 4,100 various podcast episodes under his belt, Forsyth Woman Editor Brooke Eagle has also utilized Beeman’s services to produce and distribute the Forsyth Magazines Podcast weekly on Thursdays. Beeman knows a good podcast host when he sees one, and Brooke immediately stood out to him as a natural conversationalist.

What sets Such-N-Such Media apart from other broadcasting companies is the passion behind the business. Beeman’s childhood aspirations of becoming a DJ have now been brought to life, but for the greater good of Triad businesses and individuals with dreams of their own.

Interested in a consultation with Beeman himself? Email and follow @suchnsuchmedia on Instagram to stay up to date and learn more. Find Such-N-Such Media online at (website currently under construction). Beeman’s studio spot is located at 102 W 3rd Street, Suite 700, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.


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