Spring Beauty – Popular Treatments and Procedures Right Now  Insights From The Doctors and Aestheticians at Forsyth Plastic Surgery and The VISTA 


It’s spring and you’ve probably been noticing how many more people are out and about at neighborhood restaurants, shopping, enjoying local arts venues, etc. Weddings, parties, and long-postponed events are beginning to show up on the calendar again, too. It’s a good thing! And while spring is traditionally a popular time at Forsyth Plastic Surgery and The VISTA (FPS’s award-winning med spa), this year may be one of the busiest. Dr. Andy Schneider, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Forsyth Plastic Surgery says, “Our patients tell us they’re excited to get back together with their friends and family, but they want to show up looking great. Botox treatments, filler treatments, body treatments, face lifts, eye lifts, and plastic surgery in general have all been very popular.”

Dr. Gilson Kingman agrees. He says, “Patients have had time to think about their beauty and body goals and now, they’re ready to move forward. Breast reductions, breast augmentations, face lifts, and tummy tucks have all been very popular lately.”

Dr. Leslie Branch, a board-certified plastic-surgeon who also happens to be a mom to young twin boys, says, “I’m seeing many patients start to prioritize themselves, which I love. Moms have been at home with their families and they’re coming in for Botox, laser procedures, and a variety of surgical treatments to get their bodies feeling more like themselves after a long, stressful period.”

Several treatments and products that were just introduced at Forsyth Plastic Surgery and The VISTA during the pandemic, have just started to become popular. Dr. George Lawson says, “I love some of the treatments that are new for us. Renuvion for example is a skin tightening treatment that’s really effective. Upneeq is a new treatment, too, that you may not know about. It’s a once-daily prescription eye drop that lifts your upper lids to open up your eyes. It’s terrific.” Dr. Lawson further notes, “I also love some of our go-to products that have been around for a while like Juvederm to add a little volume back to the cheek area and Botox to relax furrowed brows and smooth lines and wrinkles. These can go such a long way to help our patients who want to look and feel more youthful.”

The aestheticians at The VISTA, the med spa just downstairs at Forsyth Plastic Surgery, have been seeing many new patients this year as well. Gina Racca, head aesthetician says, “We’ve had so many new patients come in and tell us they are so ready to get their skin and bodies back in shape post-pandemic. And we know that even starting with something simple like a peel, a DiamondGlow treatment or a couple of quick CoolTone treatments can really help.”

Aesthetician Kinsley Nix agrees and says, “CoolSculpting Elite has been so popular this year. I love that I can help patients achieve their body sculpting results faster with the new dual applicators.” Kinsley also heads up the permanent makeup and microblading division at The VISTA. She says, “adding volume back to sparse brows, applying a little lip tint or outlining the eyelid with a natural-looking liner is so simple and it does so much to help patients feel beautiful.”

Dr. John A. Fagg, the senior partner at Forsyth Plastic Surgery, says, “This is a great time for women to come to Forsyth Plastic Surgery, but it’s a great time for men to come in as well. Botox, medical-grade skincare, peels, and simple laser treatments to remove age spots and spider veins can all benefit men.” Dr. Fagg notes that many men come to the office and say, “My wife sent me.” Dr. Fagg says he hopes all women and men will feel comfortable booking a consultation at Forsyth Plastic Surgery just to start a conversation. He says the practice has now made it even easier to schedule appointments, saying “We’ve added online scheduling so you can make your appointments from home at night. You can now even make an appointment just by texting us.” Dr. Fagg adds, “Plastic Surgery and aesthetics are always evolving. There’s always something new whether it’s a surgical procedure, a non-surgical treatment, or a new skincare product. We love helping people feel great about themselves.”
To book an appointment at Forsyth Plastic Surgery, call 336-765-8620, text Danielle the Cosmetic Concierge (336-443-6313) or schedule online at forsythplasticsurgery.com/schedule.


Dr. John A. Fagg
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Gil Kingman
Dr. George Lawson III
Dr. Leslie Branch
Gina Racca, L.M.E.
Kinsley Nix, L.M.E.

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