September Forsyth Mags Team Question: What is one thing you’ll never do again?


‘Never ignore your gut’….. don’t make excuses for poor behavior from anyone. If your gut says something isn’t right, never second guess it.’

  • Carolyn Peterson, Senior Staff Writer


I will never say “never,” because really…who knows?  Except for skiing: NEVER!

  • Jean Marie Johnson, Writer


I will never, ever again shoplift. (Stole a pair of sunglasses at the mall in 9th grade!)

  • Anonymous


Skydive. Glad I did it but happy to say “one and done.”

  • Tabatha Renegar, Writer


I would never do the Polar Bear Plunge in the Coney Island Sound again.

  • Jen Brown, Writer


I’ll never swim with sharks again! That box is CHECKED. lol!

  • Michelle Hyatt, Social Media


I’ll never “test” expired milk again. …why I thought it would be like buttermilk? I have no clue 😂

  • Lauren Sephton, Forsyth Mags Foodie & Writer



  • Denise Heidel, Senior Staff Writer


Live somewhere cold!

  • Shonda Bravinder, Executive Assistant & Events Manager


I will never go traditional camping again…I would consider going “glamping” as long as electricity and plumbing are involved.

  • Karen Cooper, Writer


I will never run a full marathon again. It was a great bucket list check off, but running 26.2 miles ONCE is plenty for me!

  • Brooke Eagle, Publisher


I will never, ever again lie in a tanning bed. I

  • Kim Beane, Editor


I will never take toilet paper for granted ever again.

  • Amy Hill, Writer


I will never ride a rollercoaster again, those days are gone.

  • Taryn Jerez, Writer


I will never again expect a relaxing trip when traveling with kids. Vacations are very different with two little ones! (I have a 2 year old and 9 month old.) Relaxation doesn’t come as easy this go around!

  • Elisa Wallace Coppede, Writer

I’ll never buy a dog from a breeder…the best dogs my family has had through the years have come straight out of the local animal shelter. There’s nothing like the love of a dog that has been rescued.

  • Meghan E.W. Corbett, Assistant Editor

Ride a Ferris wheel or roller coaster!

  • Martie Emory, Writer


I don’t like to say never because you just never know…but I feel I can say with certainty that I will never fly to Australia again. It was a fabulous month I spent there in college but the 21-hour plane ride was challenging. That is something I would not care to do again – glad I got to experience the beautiful country / continent.

  • Heather Spivey, Account Executive


Struggle as a starving artist.

  • Susan Schabacker, Writer


I will never take my good health for granted again.

  • Keela Johnson, Publisher’s Assistant




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