Salem Smiles Orthodontics: Celebrating Orthodontic Health!


Lucky patients of Salem Smiles Orthodontics continue to beam – about their beautiful smiles! – and are also eager to share with others their experiences of first-class care at the well-loved Winston-Salem practice.

Sarah C. Shoaf, DDS, MEd, MS, has been an orthodontist in the Winston-Salem area since 1992, as well as being the only orthodontist in Winston-Salem who is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, a status requiring rigorous work and study. Her enthusiasm for the field is evident in her stellar patient philosophy and her staff’s continuing quest to make orthodontics a positive, healthful journey for all.

She and her incredible staff especially love the month of October – when they can celebrate Orthodontic National Health Month – and are excited to enjoy an entire month devoted to celebrating healthy smiles, the immense importance of good oral health, and the many, many benefits of orthodontic treatment. They were happy to share their expertise and remind Forsyth Woman readers about the primary reasons professional orthodontic care is vital to life overall!

Top Five Benefits of Good Orthodontics 

  1. Good teeth – You need teeth to chew and to smile – two important activities! Good digestive health starts with the proper chewing of food, so the stomach and other organs do not have to overwork, causing digestive pain and issues. Digestion is also crucial to gaining needed nutrients from your food for total body health.
  2. Proper alignment – Good orthodontic treatment gives the optimum jaw alignment to avoid the frustration of TMJ problems, and other jaw and tooth pain.
  3. Better access – Well-aligned teeth give you easy access to properly clean your teeth and keep your gums healthy. It’s much easier to clean thoroughly when teeth are straight and aligned than when they are crooked!
  4. The best gingival health – Studies show people with poor gum health and periodontitis have a greater chance for cardiac problems, such as heart attacks or stroke. Keeping gums healthy can avoid cardiac illness … and many other ailments!
  5. Self-confidence – Whether you are looking at senior graduation portraits or wedding day photographs, having a great smile gives you confidence and provides a proud, lasting memory. Studies have also shown the job applicant who has a good smile is more likely to get the job than someone with poor dental alignment, especially in people-oriented jobs, such as sales positions. Even with Zoom meetings, people look closely at a co-worker’s mouth and overall face to “read” what they are saying. Putting forth a nice smile means you care about yourself and have the self-confidence to take positive steps to put your best face forward in every situation!

Visit online for more information, to meet their amazing staff, and learn what to expect at your initial free consultation. Salem Smiles Orthodontics is open for patient care Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., and closed for lunch from 12 noon to 1 p.m. The administrative side of the office is open on Fridays from 8 a.m. to 12 noon to allow patients and parents to make appointments or payments. Salem Smiles is easy to reach at the corner of Reynolda Road and Northwest Blvd, at 1063 W Northwest Blvd, in Winston-Salem. Call them at 336-725-5757.




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