How Safe is Your Mani Pedi? Simple Safety Precautions for Your Next Trip to the Nail Salon

What girl doesn’t love to treat herself to a mani-pedi from time to time? Generations have viewed it as a typical girl’s day out and for some, a right of passage for a young girl. A trip to the spa or salon can leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and even feeling a little more secure in your appearance. When you book an appointment for a little self-care, the last thing you would think about are the risks involved with manicures and pedicures such as injuries, infections, and illness. Here are a few simple safety precautions to take before your next trip to the nail salon.

Make sure it’s official. 

Before you step a foot (or hand) in the salon for an appointment, it’s imperative that you check to make sure they are licensed. This ensures that the salon itself, as well as its nail technicians, have gone through the proper training to ensure they can manage their craft with care and safety. Heading to Google Reviews or is also a good idea to check out what other patrons are saying about their own experience with the salon.  

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. 

From the moment you step inside for your service, take a look around at the salon to see if things look clean and tidy. Is the nail technician’s space clean with newly disinfected tools being used for each client? Do you notice that they wash their hands in between one client and the next? When getting a pedicure be sure to look at the drains in the foot bath area to see if they are clear and clean, otherwise this is often where fungi and bacteria can live. As you look carefully around from tools to tabletops, if anything looks like it isn’t up to par, it may not be the safest place for you.

Reduce your risk of infection.

Believe it or not, reducing infections at the salon starts with you first. If you have any cuts, scrapes, or current open wounds, it’s important to wait until they are fully healed before booking your appointment. When going for a pedicure, it may be tempting to want smooth, freshly shaved legs. Due to the possibility of nicking your skin when shaving, it’s vital to avoid shaving 24 hours before having your pedicure. All of this is to prevent bacteria from getting into your body through water, products, and tools being used.

See something, say something.

It’s easy to brush things off sometimes and think like you’re overreacting, but when it comes to your health and safety it’s important to always speak up for yourself. The next time you book an appointment, don’t be afraid to ask some important questions about a salon’s licensing or disinfecting routines before going. When you are enjoying your manicure or pedicure, if you see something that rubs you the wrong way, mention it to the nail technician. This will help remind them of their own safety protocols and that their customers are also watching.



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