The Resource: Empowering people to find their place!

Celebrating 40 years in business at the end of this August, The Resource has a proud history and an inspired story.  It is truly a time-tested, innovative company that has navigated a variety of obstacles to achieve this impressive 40th anniversary milestone.

Their message to business clients is a simple one: “Are you operating as your best self?”

That theory is clearly at the heart of the company’s success through the years, as they have expanded their services to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients and their employees, while keeping one step ahead in the business world through innovation, creativity, and personal insight.

For CEO Kathy Hartung, it has been both a personal and professional journey of learning, adapting, and making the most of every opportunity, starting immediately after receiving her B.S. degree in Accounting from UNCG. From early beginnings in 1979, under the name of Executive Resources, to a new focus – and the new name Temporary Resources – with Kathy coming on board in 1983, she has guided a respected business through recession, changing dynamics in the workplace, and the challenges of new technology. Her savvy mindset has molded the company for 36 of its 40 years in existence, and while leading this Certified Woman-Owned Business, she has moved from President to now ownership and CEO.

The early ‘90s brought changes in the business recruiting industry, with the introduction of background checks for employees, followed by a turn to technology, with the mid-‘90s bringing computers and an official “database” of applicants into the daily workplace. Housed in a single location in Winston-Salem in 1990, the company expanded to Greensboro in 2004, and to Mocksville and Lexington in 2005. The rollercoaster of the recession of 2008 brought still more change, and eventual rebranding in 2011 and name change in 2014 to The Resource, to better reflect the company’s mission. In 2017, the expansion continued to markets in Salisbury and Yadkinville.

“There were always plenty of challenges and obstacles to overcome,” says Kathy.

In 2015, under Kathy’s leadership, The Resource added The CORE Assessment and CORE Hiring System for their customers, allowing employees at every level to communicate better, and more fully understand their peers, while using their unique gifts and talents to their fullest potential.

In 10 minutes or less, the CORE assessment identifies each person’s innate nature, or how exactly they are hardwired. It explains how we were each made to operate, and how we are uniquely different, along with how this knowledge of ourselves and others allows us to grow to be our most productive selves.

Believing every employee has their very own set of unique abilities, The Resource team also aids companies in optimizing their current workforce as well. With every change or adjustment in staff, they assure clients they are already solving issues for the future. How empowering!

What does Kathy find most inspiring about her profession, and what continues to motivate her? She loves taking risks, making decisions, solving problems, creating solutions, and changing how things are done – always for the better! She is also active in many professional and staffing industry groups, including American Staffing Association, TempNet, Staffing Industry Analyst, and Vistage International — sharing ideas and constantly learning. At the heart of their success, Kathy and her staff consider change to be a positive factor, and one they embrace at every stage of development.

“What’s interesting is that the same challenges repeat over and over during the years, with just a different face or disguise,” she says, with confidence that a positive solution will always be within reach!

If you are seeking to advance your own career, searching for an employee to fill a position, or interested in consulting or organizational development solutions, Kathy and The Resource team invite you to learn more about their services at The Winston-Salem office of The Resource is located at 1292 South Stratford Road, 336-896-1000.


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