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The Forsyth Magazines brand has been around for well over a decade, and while there are those who remember the early days of black and white newsprint paper and stapled binding, we have new readers all the time! And, we know you might have questions! This article attempts to answer some of the most common questions we’re asked.

How many titles are under the Forsyth Magazines umbrella?
Four! We have two monthly magazines – Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family. Then, our biannual wedding edition, Forsyth Woman Engaged. And finally, our annual publication that you’re reading — Forsyth Community.

Which magazine came first?
Forsyth Woman was first. It started in 2005, and in 2007, Forsyth Family was launched. Forsyth Woman Engaged was unveiled in 2011, and Forsyth Community joined the family in 2015.

Who are the publishers?
Keela Johnson was the original publisher of Forsyth Woman, Forsyth Woman Engaged and Forsyth Community, but in August 2020, the publishing reins were handed over to Keela’s daughter, Brooke Eagle. Robin Bralley has been the Forsyth Family publisher since the beginning.

What makes Forsyth Magazines unique?
From Day One, the goal has been to provide local readers content that is upbeat and relevant to their lives and families. We share the stories behind many of the small businesses in our community and view our role as a small business advocate and promoter! We want our fellow small business owners to be successful! The relationships we have built with these partners are incredibly important to us, and we are so proud to share all they do with our readers.

Who was on the first cover?
Forsyth Woman’s first cover featured local news anchor Cindy Farmer! The Bralley and Johnson families debuted their own families on the first cover of Forsyth Family.



How many distribution locations are there?
A lot! We are in many restaurants, stores and local Harris Teeters and Food Lion locations. The list is too long to include here, but you can find locations on our websites. And, Forsyth Community can be found in local Harris Teeter and Food Lions stores, real estate agent offices in and around Forsyth County, all 12 NC welcome centers across the state as well as many other locations.

What has been the biggest challenge in producing monthly magazines?
Hands down, the biggest obstacle we’ve faced has been cancer. Founder Keela Johnson was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after launching Forsyth Woman and for a second time in 2018. Forsyth Family publisher Robin Bralley had her own breast cancer battle in 2016. Both women are warrior survivors, and we have a dynamic team that stepped in to help support them. But, those diagnoses were definite challenges for the business.

Have you ever skipped a publication month?

What else does Forsyth Magazines do?
Forsyth Magazines has always been community minded as well as diligent about growing with technology and the readers. To that end, we have a very active social media presence on Facebook and Instagram! We also launched our podcast in January of 2020. You can listen to Brooke have informal, authentic conversations with local business owners, non-profit representatives, Forsyth Magazine team members and MORE! Tune in on Spotify, Apple or any other podcast streaming platforms – new episodes release every Thursday!

Besides the technology side of things, Forsyth Woman hosts monthly Girls’ Night Out (GNO) events, and Forsyth Family hosts monthly Kids’ Morning Out (KMO). We also publish a monthly calendar of community events in both magazines. To stay up to date with our events and be the first to know about giveaways, find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – @forsythmags! You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter for a sneak peek of some of our favorite articles and special event updates!

How can I be featured in Forsyth Magazines?
The answer to that question isn’t black and white. For-profit businesses earn editorial based on their advertising contracts which is how we’re able to be a FREE publication to the community. Contact advertising@forsythmags.com to learn more about advertising opportunities and to submit editorial requests for consideration.

That’s us in a nutshell! Visit ForsythMags.com, @forsythmags or call 888.892.3204 to learn more.


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