Photo Ramit Productions: Creating & Capturing Memories

If you’re looking for that extra dash of excitement to make your big event truly unforgettable, Photo Ramit Productions is an absolute must for your vendor list. Here’s why!

FW: You’ve been in the portrait photography business for many years. How did you become interested in the fun of photo booth options? 

PHOTO RAMIT: We are a family-run business that began our photography work in Honduras over 20 years ago. The photography venture continued when our family moved to New Jersey, and then to North Carolina in 2003. By 2017, we were looking to expand the business with something novel! We came across the Magic Mirror Photo Booth and were sold. Photo Ramit Productions was the first vendor in the Triad to offer the Magic Mirror Me Photo Booth and the Beauty Vanity Mirror Photo Booth. It took a lot of work to get the Photo Booth side of the business up and running  — think installing awesome props and backdrops and setting up décor, to now, multiple interactive photo booth options — but the efforts are so worthwhile!  

FW: Can you describe the Magic Mirror Booth for readers who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it at an event? (And Forsyth Magazines definitely loves the 360-degree Photo Booth!) 

PHOTO RAMIT: Our goal is to enhance your special event in a unique, modern, and fun way, while capturing memories that will last a lifetime! Our full-length size Magic Mirror is an open-air photo booth with a user-friendly interface that communicates with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations, and entertaining voice guidance. Guests can take home a 4×6 print-out, and also get their pictures (or gifs!) via text. Our Social Booth, on the other hand, offers still digital photos, and gives guests the option to take a super-fast, 16-photo burst mode within four seconds. The burst is instantly converted into a short video that plays in forward and reverse mode, creating a never-ending loop of one-of-a-kind digital videos! Added to our repertoire in 2021, the 360-degree Photo Booth is our newest offering, and tons of fun! Guests stand on a platform while a camera rotates around them as they stand, pose, and dance. The outcome is a glam, high-quality video clip.  

FW: What are some ways guests can customize their prints at an event? 

PHOTO RAMIT: There are so many ways to customize the experience, from special props, to wrapping the Magic Mirror Photo Booth to match a theme (we once wrapped the booth to look like a red telephone box!), and creative backdrops. For prints, we work with clients to personalize the photo template to match their event (i.e., color, theme, names, hashtags, date, etc.).  

FW: What are some of your most popular props for weddings? 

PHOTO RAMIT: We have quite a few! If we had to pick the most popular prop category, we would have to say a “money” prop! We even have a money gun that people love to use with the 360-degree photo booth. We take pride in our high-quality props, and love having so many different options. 

FW: How large is your staff?

PHOTO RAMIT: We have seven wonderful employees who help run the show! Some work behind the scenes, managing bookings and working with our clients before their event to customize their experience, while others are booth attendants. 

FW: What inspires you most about being part of such an upbeat business, and providing wonderful keepsakes for some of life’s best events? 

PHOTO RAMIT: Our greatest joy is our family and our friends — who are like family! We love spending time with others, as well as serving others to ensure they are  having a good time. Being part of our clients’ special moments is something we never take for granted. It’s such a special business to be in — to provide and capture fun moments — and we have the best clients who make our job so fun!

Learn more about adding fun from Photo Ramit Productions to your next event by calling 336-462-8552, emailing, or visiting Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @photoramitproductions to see their creative work!


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