Make the Most of Your Music and Get Your Next Recording Project Out There!

Make the most of your musical talent by collaborating or doing a solo recording project that you can publish and distribute online. People can purchase your music on iTunes, Amazon, and other sites where you can upload, play, and sell your music. It’s rewarding to share your musical recordings. You can order your own download cards, CDs, and even vinyl to distribute and sell.

Here’s how to get your next recording project off the ground and into the ears of many interested listeners


Abracadabra! Map and plan out what you want to accomplish, whether it’s a single or a more ambitious full-length album. Involve your family and friends with the recording process.

If you don’t already have original songs, start writing and co-writing. Learn basic song structures, brainstorm, and have a guitar, piano, and/or keyboard at the ready to define and develop your melody. Determine which key you want to use and whether you’d rather go with major or minor chords. Find the right chord progression. Then, pick out your tempo. Is it relaxed pop or upbeat, danceable rock?

“Know thy genre” and work out the details, part by part, verse by verse and chorus by chorus. Start with bare bones and gradually add on. Make each song unique with your authentic voice. Tell a story or use universal life philosophies. Go with the flow and be patient with what comes. Sometimes it comes together right away, and other times it’s a long, slow process.


Remember that some rules can be broken. Lines don’t always have to rhyme. They can still be catchy and “hook-y,” drawing a listener in and creating “earworms” (words and melodies that constantly stick in your mind). Not everything always has to make sense. Leave elements to the imagination so your audience ends up with questions, conflict, and mystery.


  • Remember: the sky’s the limit with creativity. Unless you only create mainstream hits, it’s important to keep an open mind as you write and create music from the heart. Don’t be afraid to be too indie. You can carve out your own niche. Challenge yourself and your collaborators to do things differently. Try a new approach or perspective as you put your heads together and see what happens!
  • If you can’t afford to buy a top quality mic, don’t worry. You can borrow or rent one, or go to a studio to record. There are always options. Trading and bartering services may be helpful for someone on a budget. Use your creativity to advantage.
  • Turn a room in your home into your own home recording studio. Set up equipment and get to work on recording. You can install inexpensive soundproof panels to improve the quality of your home recordings. Google “DIY home recording studio” for ideas and checklists.


Where do you want your music to be? iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, or Google Play?

Whether just for fun as a hobby or producing professional recordings as a business, there are many ways to reach your audience worldwide thanks to these sites.

Ready for online distribution? Try CD Baby, DistroKid, AWAL, Amuse, Soundrop, Reverbnation, Fresh Tunes, Ditto Music, Tunecore, RouteNote, MondoTunes, Landr, Horus Music, MondoTunes, OneRPM, and Stem.

Most of these sites include Qs and As and online support to help the lost and the clueless. Don’t feel like a dummy! Always do your research and ask for guidance and direction when you need it.

Ready to get serious about releasing your music? Get it heard – not just locally, but internationally by distributing it online. Remember that success rarely happens overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Work steadily and consistently on building your fan base of followers who are eager to hear more. Don’t inundate or overwhelm your fans, but be sure to keep them in the loop – pun intended!


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