Kuzins Kamp: Keeping Kids Kontent

Here it is, 21 years since our last “Kuzins Kamp” and we are still getting questions about it. So here goes. If you have an opportunity to do this, don’t miss out. You will always be thankful that you did!

We called it “Kuzins Kamp” because it was all about the Kids. No Rules and No Parents. Just LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE. The parents had a role. We needed them to help get the Kids to us for a week at our house in North Myrtle Beach. After that it was no parents! This was meant to give the parents and the kids a break from each other. We found that when the kids were at our house, Pop Pop and Mamaw ruled, when the parents came in, parents ruled. There is a conflict.

The Kamp lasted seven days. The first thing we did was to have a conference where each kid presented what they wanted to do during that week. There were some things that showed up each year such as Medieval Times. One outing that was always unanimous was our boat trips. One year we even braved an overnighter at Bald Head Island. Then of course there was the beach, pool, golf cart rides, miniature golf and so on. Occasionally there were things that only one person wanted, like skateboarding (which was on the youngest grandchild’s list every year!) Those requests were typically granted, as well as lots of surprise and unplanned items and adventures along the way.

The overnight boat trip to Bald Head Island was special. We had the three girls in the V-berth, the three boys in the aft berth, and Mamaw and I on the converted dining table. Talk about cozy.

One of the things we always did was to make a photo album of all we had done throughout the week. One for each family and us. We still have all nine copies for each of the nine years we had the Kamp. We started this in 1993 and the last one was in 2001.

Walking the golf course where we lived (after the golfers left) looking for lost golf balls was also a favorite thing to do! Another highlight was when Mamaw took the girls shopping. They all loved it.

We mentioned “No Rules” and that was true. For example, it included playing Monopoly or cards all night long if that was their plan. The No Rules worked because the kids policed themselves. They wouldn’t let others go astray.

Interesting to look at all the kids today. Nicholas is a Florida State Highway Patrolman and recently got married (in fact Mamaw was the flower girl for this beautiful day!).

Jacob is a Florida Deputy and just a little over a year ago gave us our very first GREAT grandchild, Mila! We are head over heels in love and can’t believe how lucky we are to have a great grandchild and look forward to many more!

Both Cassie and Julia have graduated college in Georgia. They are extremely close, and we are very proud of them both!

Brooke graduated college and is the Publisher of Forsyth Woman Magazine. She enjoys cross fit, snowboarding, wakeboarding and her 100-pound Berne doodle, Carter!  Tanner graduated from college and is an I.T. engineer for Verizon, enjoys cooking, hunting with his German Spitz pointer, Ranger, and also snowboarding and wake surfing!

We asked them all what their favorite memory was and it was way too much to share here… but they all agree it was FANTASTIC and are so very thankful for all those special times we shared.  It is wonderful to reminisce about them when we are together! A bond was formed that never would have been.  Thank you, Lord!

Twenty-one years have passed and yet it all seems like yesterday!


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