Keeping it Real; I Know What You’re Thinking 


That sounds presumptuous. But, it’s true. 

I don’t claim to be psychic or any of that nonsense. I don’t pretend to know a person’s thoughts with vivid precision. BUT, I can discern what takes up much of your head space and what doesn’t. 

Stay with me. I’ve got science to back me up. 

The wisest man who ever lived wrote, “For as a person thinks within himself, so he is.” (Proverbs 23:7 NASB) In other words, whatever a person thinks about and dwells on spills out of them and becomes their reality. 

Don’t believe me? Consider this. During the horrors of WWI, demand for morphine grew exponentially. Packed into medic halls, soldiers on stretchers suffered – wounded, mutilated bodies, missing limbs – and if they didn’t bleed to death, they screamed in excruciating pain. Only morphine shots gave relief. Yet, the staggering demand completely overwhelmed the limited supplies. Soldiers squalled in agony while doctors stood helpless to alleviate the suffering.

One physician wrestled so severely with this that he decided to administer sugar pills to the most tormented patients but acted as if he had dispensed morphine. It sounds crazy, but get this! Thirty percent of those who received sugar pills having NO pain-relieving effects whatsoever experienced the same relief as the men who received morphine. WHAT?! 

I’m not kidding! These soldiers with open wounds and dismembered body parts BELIEVED they got morphine, so their pain eased. They fared as well as those who received one of the most powerful drugs on the planet! 

Are you connecting the dots? Whatever you believe about a situation has the powerful potential to alter your reality! 

The strength of belief works to either your advantage or your detriment. If you want to know where your life is headed, listen to the words coming out of your mouth. If you want to know where your words are coming from, think about the thoughts you keep rehearsing in your head! 

I know you face real challenges, but listen, what you tell yourself about them has everything to do with your outcome! 

Have you ever heard, “Everything you say can and will be used against you,” said to someone being arrested? It’s absolutely true! 

Every time you hear yourself say something, you believe it in a deeper place. 

If you say, “I’ll never be in shape like I used to be,” you’re right. You won’t. 

If you say, “I’ll never get out of debt,” then you’ll probably never get out of debt. Why? The more you hear yourself say it, the more you believe it. If you believe it, it becomes your reality.

If you say, “Our family never gets along,” you’ll end up believing it so deeply that you’ll even unconsciously contribute to the division!

Friend, this is not new age mumbo jumbo, but Truth straight from God’s Word. “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.” (Proverbs 18:21 MSG) It’s time to start replacing your self-sabotaging talk with words that take you where you want to go! 

No matter what you feel right now or how disconnected your present reality seems from what you desire, speak words that infuse life and faith into your story anyway! Like this:

I’m choosing to honor God, walk in wisdom and live a long, healthy, significant life. (Proverbs 9:10-11)

God has given me the power to make wealth, (Deuteronomy 8:18) so I’m getting out of debt once and for all!

The economy may be challenging, but God will “fill until full” my every need according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19 AMP) 

My family will walk in unity and love well. (Psalm 133:1)

Wherever you’re struggling most, THERE you must speak LIFE most! What you hear yourself say seeps into the deepest parts of you and becomes your experience.

Do it! What have you got to lose? I promise, you’ll lose MUCH if you don’t get your thoughts and your words working FOR you, not against you. Believe it! I’m cheering you on! 

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