Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real
By Dr. Debbie Lanier
Now that 2020 lives only in our rearview mirror, can somebody shout or dance or something?! We’ve all confronted real challenges and uncertainties on varying levels, but we’ve faced them, nonetheless.
Here we are, stepping into a brand-spanking new year. But “new” doesn’t fix things unless something “new” awakens in us.
I felt the Lord stirring me, just weeks ago, to help folks step into 2021 with daily devotions to supercharge their purpose.
People feel worn down and worn out by this battle called “2020.” Every kind of crazy keeps crashing in on our hope. Chaos and confusion seem certain to trample our peace.
But hear me . . . while life feels shut down, God desires to wake something up in you! YES, YOU! His Word is everything you need to find your way through the fog. It positions you to flourish even in the mayhem, I promise!
My new book, Awaken My Soul: 31 Devotions to Supercharge Your Purpose, is available on Amazon for just $10. Click HERE to purchase a copy! 
I desperately long to help you fall in love with God’s Living Word that speaks to every single sentence in the story of your life! For real! EVERY SINGLE ONE!  So, do yourself a favor and begin this New Year well. Consider extending the gift to others, too!
ALL PROCEEDS will help young pregnant women in need, so as you invest in yourself, you’re investing in mamas who need you, too! I get nothing out of this except knowing I’m doing what God called me to do . . . help people discover their anchor! And THAT, my friends, is more than enough!
Together, let’s make a difference and BE the difference! Awaken, my soul!

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