Interpreting Your Dreams & Common Themes


Most dreams are interesting, but not all can be remembered. The best way to tap into your dream recall so you can interpret dreams later on is to write them down right away; in other words, roll over and write them down as soon as you wake up.


Many dreams are symbolic and contain a greater metaphoric meaning. Often they reflect what goes on in our waking lives, including our successes and struggles. Some dreams can be prophetic, such as an observation or a warning that gives insight into what may actually have happened, might happen or could happen in the future.


Dreams can play in our sleep like short videos or even feature films. They can be highly engaging for all of our senses and can feel like real experiences. Sometimes we remember every detail; other times only bits and pieces are recalled. Sometimes dream impressions are so clear that we can even remember the exact words, dialogues, monologues, raw feelings, and sensations.


Recording and interpreting your dreams (nightmares included!) can give clues about your deepest inner thoughts. Dream assessment can initiate soul-searching to discover strengths and weaknesses and to better understand emotions you’re not consciously aware of. Dreams can be a window into your deepest feelings, hopes, and fears.

Dreams are a well-known way to jumpstart your creativity. They often inspire writers, musicians, and inventors. Even Einstein is said to have based his theory of relativity on insights that came to him during childhood dreams. Keeping a dream diary can foster a healthy awareness which can be good for your health, as well as generate new ideas and increase your creative thinking.


BEING CHASED – This common dream may symbolize avoiding something you need to work on or confront. The dream could also suggest you may be trying to hide something about your life, such as a childhood trauma or failed relationship. Maybe you’re hiding from your own feelings and that’s preventing you from living life to the fullest.

TEST OR PERFORMANCE TAKING – Another very common dream may find you struggling through a test or performing in front of an audience. This dream might tap into real-life stress, fear of failure or performance anxiety in your waking life.

FLYING AND FALLING – Flying can be exciting, enthralling and exhilarating and might signify reaching new heights and making progress as you chart your path – or it might be quite frightening, especially if you have a fear of heights. This supernatural power could cause to you to feel almost invincible, like Super Woman!

On the other hand, falling can represent a fear or anxiety about something in your present circumstances that isn’t going well or that you feel alone or isolated about. It might suggest that you need a new approach or that you should ask for help and support from others. While flying you may feel accomplished, but you might also recognize the risks involved which leave you vulnerable to falling.

NUDITY – Another familiar dream of finding yourself unclothed or naked in your dreams may represent feeling vulnerable and insecure. This dream might tap into feeling scared, unsure or uncomfortable about subconscious shortcomings and limitations that could prevent you from being at your best and achieving your utmost potential.

DEATH OR DYING – At one time or another, almost everyone has a dream about death or dying. This dream could reveal anxiety about the unknown or the future. It could suggest fear that something in your life might be taken away, that a hoped-for opportunity may not come to pass, or that a once-open door may now be closed.

Keeping track of your dreams and interpreting them can be a fascinating process that adds deeper awareness and insight as you learn and grow. Although mysterious, dreams may reflect core needs and desires of your heart, so enjoy the process!


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