Hustle & Heart: Why Establishing a Company Culture is Important (Even If You’re a Solopreneur)

While you are building a personality for your brand, don’t forget to build one for the business itself. Even the smallest of businesses should focus its efforts on establishing a company culture, for this is where a strong foundation is truly found.

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of “company culture” shares that “it defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, values, ethics, expectations, and goals.” In the most simplest of terms, it sets the stage for working with or inside the business – something that you should definitely care about.

If this hasn’t been a priority, let alone even something on your to-do list, take this opportunity to begin diving deeper into the kind of culture you want to establish within your business.

Focusing on a Business That People Want to Work For (Including You)

Many entrepreneurs tend to look at company culture as something reserved for large corporations and don’t realize the benefit it has for even the smallest or solo teams. You want to enjoy where you work and who you work for, right? Taking time and putting effort into establishing a company culture around how you want employees to feel makes all the difference. Do you report to work physically or remotely? What kind of parameters are there around work hours? Do you enjoy flexibility and want to encourage setting boundaries around workload or time served? Understanding your business’ feelings on these things are an example of how to shape the company culture you want to establish.

Mission and Vision Can Be Felt Across The Board

Whether it’s sustainability, flexibility, gender equality, community involvement or any other mission your business has, your company culture can help prioritize it regularly. Most adults in the workforce spend a vast majority of their time every week working, so doesn’t that mean the culture they are immersed in is important? Of course! Creating a company you enjoy working for and feel has a mission that aligns with your own values is priceless. Think about the long term vision for the business. The way you run your business, the way you give back or build awareness around specific causes or shine a light on specific areas of your business’ goals can help create a culture you and other team members (present or future) can sense regularly.

Something to Measure Up Against and Grow

Remember that the main goal of a business is growth and that often includes its employees. If you have hopes of adding employees, contract workers, interns, leadership roles and more, you want to ensure your business continues to find ways to connect with these people outside of just their direct role. Retention of current employees is equally, if not more, important so harnessing the positive attributes those already employed find likable and respectful should be paid close attention to. When you prioritize the culture of your business it will help provide benchmarks as the company culture evolves and give you ideas on what changes or improvements can be made so you know what to spearhead next.

Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month, challenge yourself to think about the way you’re running your business and how to describe the company culture. What emotions come up? What perks come to mind when you think about it? What kind of lifestyle does it provide you with? If you have employees, ask their opinion. Create a few bullet points that help you see what kind of culture you’re establishing.


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