Hustle & Heart: How to Get Customers to Leave Rockstar Reviews With 3 Simple Questions

Have you ever sold something to a customer and had that happy dance moment where you knew you had made their day? They absolutely loved it, expressed gratitude and were so happy to have found your shop or website! And when that customer left, that’s where the conversation ended.

You work really hard and when you have a great customer experience like that, why shouldn’t it live on longer than in that one moment?

How do we capture that feeling of gratitude from a thankful client? How do we showcase that excitement from a customer when they receive their product? The answer is through customer reviews and testimonials!

While it’s one of the most underutilized resources small business owners lean on, it also has one of the biggest bangs for your buck! A powerful customer review is an opportunity to showcase what choosing your business really looks like!

There’s a quote that I love to share with fellow business owners that says, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

So, why not let our customers speak for us?

If you’re like most consumers in the world, you’ve been to to make a purchase. What’s the first thing we do after looking at the price of something? We check the reviews!  Why? Because we trust other people’s opinions. We want to know what their experience was like to help determine if it’s worth our time and money.  When you ask customers to write a review or share a video testimonial, your goal should be to have those words influence others to buy and support your business.

If you’ve tried asking a great customer for a review in the past only to be told “no problem” but never heard back, don’t take it personally! Everyone gets busy and sometimes when they sit at the computer to send you something they simply don’t know what to write or how to talk about their experience with you. This winds up in what we’ll call “review abandonment.” Let’s stop that from happening in your business!

Lucky for you, there are a few simple questions to help you curate some amazing feedback from your own clients and customers.

Here are your three questions to get you the rockstar reviews you business crave:

Question #1: What was the problem that you were facing?

Question #2: How did you use me to solve that problem?

Question #3: What did life look like afterward/what did success look like after?

These questions will help turn a review from “I really enjoyed working with Leslie at Downtown Florals, her work was beautiful” into something like this:

“I am new to the area and couldn’t find a florist in town that offered custom design and delivery. I found Downtown Florals and worked with Leslie to create a beautiful bouquet of flowers based off of my mother’s original wedding bouquet. It came out absolutely beautiful and she had it delivered the very next day without any upcharge. My mom was so touched and loved her special delivery. I’m so glad I found my new go-to florist with Leslie!”  

See the difference a few guiding questions can make? Which review would make you want to purchase from Leslie and make you feel like you trusted her services?

Remember, once you implement these questions into your review process, you’re helping to take the thought out of things for your customers and make leaving feedback quick and pain-free for them. More importantly, you’re helping guide them into crafting the kind of message that will ring loud and clear with potential customers and highlight your work! This helps guarantee that they are capturing the kinds of reviews that make your business shine!


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