Hustle & Heart: Creating an On-Brand Consultation Experience

If you’re letting the reach of your branding stop at your website or social media, you are doing your business a major disservice. When a potential customer reaches out to learn more about your products or services, that consultation experience should be dripping with brand personality! If you’re wondering what this looks like and how you can capitalize on your branding to drive home that like, know, and trust factor in every touchpoint along the way, this month’s article is for you!

STEP #1 Initial Outreach

Your customers are forming a relationship with you before that initial consultation ever gets booked. Maybe it’s through following you on social media or simply checking out your website. By the time they click that button to schedule a consultation or reply back to that email you sent, it’s your job to help them see the value your business can give them. In your initial outreach steps, find opportunities to show your or your team’s faces to give them some comfort in who they will be working with, share next steps and what to expect, and do all of this in a brand voice that sets you apart. But don’t think that all your brand beauty ends at the consultation phase – now is your chance to get even more personal and personality filled.

STEP #2 Booking Process

They are ready to get something on the calendar, this is where you want them to feel confident with you! Think about the level of professionalism you want to showcase because believe it or not, the way you allow your customer to book is shifting their opinion one way or another. Avoid the back and forth conversations trying to figure out a time or a super clunky system they can’t navigate. Take time to create a simple booking calendar with your availability preset so it’s quick and easy for them to schedule. Your confirmation emails are a great place to add in some brand fonts, colors, and language to remind them this isn’t just another business, it’s your business. Remind them how excited you are for your consultation!

STEP #3 Consultation

Decide how you will be hosting your consultations with clients video call, phone call, or in person? Something as simple as your Zoom background can flow into your brand. What is your process like when the call begins? Do you spend time getting to know one another or jump right into business? Be intentional about your process and how your conversation lines up with your brand values and personality. Have some goals ahead of time on how you want your customer to feel. Maybe it’s confident and empowered, or calm and natural with you? Give the person you’re meeting with the time to really ask questions and speak their mind and allow yourself to actively listen and respond.

STEP #4 Next Steps

How do you deliver your next steps for your customers and how are you communicating? Your branding can shine through things like pricing guides, onboarding PDFs, even contract templates! Include your logo, colors, fonts, and any other brand attributes where it feels right and sprinkle some brand photography into these documents if possible. Emails and automation language should be written in a format that feels like you now know each other, with your brand voice a little warmer post-consultation. Maybe send a voice message sharing how much you enjoyed your meeting and you’re excited to work together. How does your brand court new clients? How does it encourage action and display gratitude?

STEP #5 Follow Through

Regardless of whether or not you have a confirmed booking, this is absolutely a vital step and a great last touch to remind them who you are as a brand. Decide whether or not you are going to send an email, a voice message, a video message or even snail mail to check in on their final needs. How personal do you want it to feel? Incorporate pieces of your brand language that really envelops the trust you want them to have in you. Circle back to your customers needs and solidify how they intend to move forward; highlight your desire to work with them and reach out for their benefit, not yours. Think about what actionable steps you leave them with (click here to book, if you’re as excited as I am hit reply, etc.) and how you are signing off of that communication.

Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month’s challenge is to dive into your own customer and client consultation process and see where there is an opportunity to add your own unique brand personality and voice. Where are there gaps right now? What areas do you want to refresh to feel more personal?


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