Hustle & Heart Are You Working On Empty Tasks?

We all want a successful business, right?

At the end of the day, that’s what we’re working towards. But, it’s important to understand that what works for another business to become successful may not work for yours. Having specific tasks and creating intentional offers that align with the unique vision of success you have for your business makes all the difference!

If you’re filling your time with too many tasks that aren’t moving you towards your specific vision of success, that’s when you start to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, insecure, resentful, and as though concrete progress is nowhere in sight.

By working on the wrong things, you’re working away from money instead of towards it. Let’s make sure we avoid “empty” tasks that aren’t serving your bottom line.

5 Types of Empty Tasks to Look Out For in Your Business:  

TASK #1 Repeat Offenders

Often camouflaged as part of your business’s routine or workflow process, these sneaky tasks have you feeling productive when they should never have made it on your to-do list to begin with. Think about how often you do the same repetitive tasks and look closely at the impact they are making to see if they really hold a purpose? You may be surprised.

TASK #2 Content Consumerism

Back away from the Pinterest board! This is by far one of the easiest empty tasks to fall into! That webinar you signed up for and the Youtube videos you’re watching are all there to help you grow – but what if they are keeping you consuming instead of creating? Engaging on social media is important for growth, but are you scrolling for too long and without an agenda? Stop yourself from spending time in the consumerism vortex.

TASK #3 Just a Pretty Face 

This one is a perfectionist’s worst enemy! The tenth time you update your logo or the extra hour you spend making sure the marketing flyer looks good? Those things aren’t making you money. Of course you want a beautiful and professional brand, but make sure you don’t get caught up spending too much time on tasks that are strictly for looks alone.

TASK #4 Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Sure, you’ve just always done it this way. How could you possibly take that off of your plate or stop selling that offer when it’s something you’ve been doing for so long? Ask yourself, am I holding onto things because I feel like I “should”? Is it serving your bottom line or bringing you joy? Don’t be stubborn in your business by continuing to work on things out of habit or pride.

TASK #5 Money Fakers

Dollars in the wrong direction are never a good look. Money coming in will help you achieve your goals but make sure each transaction is earned from the offers you want to be known for. What you are selling should be priced to help you grow and become profitable while also feeling aligned with what you want to be selling! Stop working on things that aren’t getting you anywhere just because it’s money for money’s sake. Focus on creating offers and having prices that are clearly making an impact.

There is power in prioritizing! Remember, you create goals as unique as your business, so what you put on your plate should be just as unique and purposeful. Don’t waste time on empty tasks that aren’t moving you forward.


Hustle & Heart Challenge 

This month take inventory of everything you are doing with your time by creating an average to-do list for one week. Include every task you can think of and get it all down in front of you. Challenge yourself to look for empty tasks and identify which of the five types mentioned above you are most susceptible to. 


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