Hustle & Heart: 5 Things To Do In Your Slow Season to Increase Sales


If you are experiencing a slow season in your business this summer, please know you are not alone, but more importantly you are still in control of the success of your business. Instead of hitting the panic button, take time to step back and be intentional about where your efforts are going this month so you can make the impact your business deserves.

Here are five things you can get started doing now.

#1 Focus on Existing & Past Customers

Bringing in new customers shouldn’t alway be the focus. According to American Express, “the success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%.” Take time to review your customer records and create specific outreach to these people in your slow season. Create special alumni or returning offers, check in to see if they need anything, remind them that you’re there! Consider sending a referral incentive for them recommending people to your business and booking or purchasing with you.

#2 Show Off What Others Are Saying

Get credit for the work you’re doing! You want to showcase what it’s like to work with you by sharing customer testimonials! If it’s been a little while since you reached out to previous customers for a review, make the time and send out requests. Make it easy on the recipient by sharing a direct link to where you want them to leave the review and consider asking them to answer a specific question or two that helps you get the answer you are looking for. Once you have your reviews you can share them in a multitude of ways to leverage their worth. Include them on social media, your website, in a service or pricing guide, or even attached in an email.

#3 Poll Your Audience & Customer Base

If you are feeling frustrated by your sales right now, perhaps it’s time to ask the people what they want! Feel empowered by polling or surveying your audience in your slower seasons to learn what your customers need and want! You can create a few quick Instagram Story slides that ask “yes” or “no” questions, include quizzes or ask your followers to follow a link to a Google Form or other online survey you create. Take the opportunity to ask helpful questions that you can use to formulate a new offer or tweak existing ones. Maybe there’s a new product idea you’re thinking about or an event you want to host? Help validate your idea before wasting time on it.

#4 Home in On What’s Working

Stay the course. Not the easiest advice when you feel like the ship is sinking, but hear me out. A lot of business owners will attempt to pivot during their slow seasons. They’ll add new services that they don’t even want to offer, simply out of obligation to try to bring in profit. Instead, take time to review your previous sales quarters and look at what has been working. Take inventory of where sales are still coming in, and that may be where your energy is best spent. It’s ok to shift your plan slightly but don’t get overwhelmed and start grasping at straws.

#5 Take Time for Intentional Rest

It can be difficult to stay positive during your slow season and while you may be tempted to work even harder to increase business, don’t be fooled. This time can often be a blessing, not a curse. Carve out intentional time to rest while you have the chance and allow yourself to do it guilt-free. If you are looking to stay productive, intentionally step back from specific areas of your that where you can, and focus your time towards skills you want to develop. This could be the opportune month to join a mastermind or enroll in a course you’ve had your eye on. No matter what, schedule some time to focus on what you need in your slow season and you will truly come back stronger.

Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month’s challenge is to  choose two things from the list to commit to implementing in your business plan. Write them down on a sticky note or add it to your planner and choose some intentional time over the next few days to address them. Believe that the next strongest season of your business is just around the corner.


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