Hustle & Heart: 5 Ideas to Get Out of Your Summer Sales Slump

We are smack dab in the middle of summer, and while everyone else is dreaming about sandy beaches and sipping colorful cocktails, you’re brainstorming ways to fall out of the dreaded summer sales slump. Fear not! With some strategic summer promotions and a sprinkle of market research you can feel confident and turn the heat up on your sales!

Understand Your Target Audience’s Wants & Needs

Did you know that your target market’s wants, needs and spending habits change per season? Knowing what your customer wants over summer is the key to running successful summer promotions! Picture your ideal customers right now. Are they lounging on the beach, sipping ice-cold lemonade? Trekking multiple kiddos from playground to pool all month? What are their summer desires? If you’re not sure, create some surveys or do some story polls on your social media. Align your unique offers and promotions with their needs and preferences. Even your marketing efforts should be centered on telling the story that they need to hear in this season to help them become more decisive buyers. 

Offer Seasonal Discounts and Create Summer Packages

Let’s face it, summer is one of the most relaxed seasons for most families and individuals. If your small business is facing a sales slump, it’s totally normal but getting creative about what you’re offering and how you’re selling it can make all the difference. Look at your offers up until right now – where does opportunity lie?  Brainstorm some sizzling summer discounts and updated packages that make your customers say, “Yes, I need that!” Think of limited-time offers on summer collections or special bundles for services that may create more interest. Is there a free gift with purchase that could be enticing during the summer months? 

Leverage Social Media in More Ways Than One

Did you know that social media use increases for most users during the summer months? Hop on your favorite platform and use eye-catching visuals that make people stop scrolling and pull them in with a strong hook in your content. Again, tap into your audience’s summer wants and needs, sharing photos and stories that pull them in.  Engage with your audience and don’t forget that they love to be a part of the conversation! Ask questions, give them specific actions to take, invite them to sign up for email lists, head to your website or check out a specific offer.  Consider teaming up with an aligned, complementary brand for a collaboration! Partner with fellow brands to spread the word about your summer promotions and help highlight theirs as well. 

Host In-Person or Virtual Summer Events & Workshops 

Summer is the perfect time to step out of the box and create experiences for your customers to take part in! Think about different types of events you can organize or sign up for that would help you get in front of additional customers and sales opportunities. Depending on your business, you can get as creative and embrace the summer spirit as much as you like!  How about a rooftop cocktail-making class, a community sponsored pop up event, or even an outdoor “Sip & Shop” soirée with fellow women owned brands? These events not only draw in potential customers but also give you a chance to shine and show off your business’s unique personality.

The Rest of Summer Could Have Your Greatest Sales Ahead 

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to stay positive and challenge whatever narrative you’ve been hearing this summer. You’re still in control and  your creativity and ability to change things up is in your corner. Running summer promotions with a strategic marketing approach can keep your business shining throughout the summer months. Remember to embrace your target audience’s needs, offer hot seasonal deals, create events to get in front of a new audience, and rock social media sharing all the good stuff your brand has to offer.  

Now go make some waves this summer and turn that slump into your best sales months!

Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month, choose at least one of the ideas above to implement into your sales and marketing plan to trade your summer slump for summer sales! Think about your unique customers’ needs as well as your time to choose the option that will bring the most success!


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