Hustle & Heart: 5 Emails Your Audience Actually Wants to Receive From Your Business

“Don’t build your business on borrowed land.” 

Translation? Stop creating a digital marketing strategy based on social media alone. Every social platform can change their rules with the snap of their fingers or disappear completely leaving leads lost. Email marketing allows you to get up close and personal with your audience one inbox at a time. 

Whether you’re already using email marketing as a core content strategy in your business or just starting, decision fatigue over what to actually send may be the thing holding your strategy (and income) back. Let’s make sure your customers are hearing from you on the regular! Keep reading for five types of emails your audience not only wants to receive from you, but can help build your relationship with readers and convert to sales. 

#1 – Introduce Yourself- more than once!

You’d think if someone signed up to be on your email list then they know who you and your business are! Think again. Just because they signed up for your list, it doesn’t mean they fully grasp who you really are – especially in relation to them! Creating an introduction email that lets your audience know things like who you are, who you serve, where you’re located, your origin story, what problem(s) your business helps solve and/or how you’re different from your competition are great places to start! What can they expect in their inbox from you? Include photos of yourself, your team, your brick and mortar, etc. Your audience is more likely to stick around when they know who you are and how you serve them. 

#2 – Favorite On-Niche Resources 

Here’s the truth: you know you’re here to sell things and they know you’re here to sell things. Your email marketing, however, isn’t about selling things. Go figure, right? Your audience wants value and that starts with your expertise and guidance. Compiling your favorite resources is the perfect way to share value. Think about favorite resources your business offers but also favorites from other brands; interesting podcasts, helpful blog posts, instagram accounts you love, mind blowing pinterest pins, etc. Show up without selling to your email list and instead, share something valuable you know they are interested in and can be educational, entertaining or encouraging. 

#3 – Stories Worth Sharing

Since the dawn of time, storytelling has been one of our most powerful tools as humans to create connection. What stories are worth sharing in your business? Think about experiences in your business and your life, even your day-to-day that are relatable, entertaining or can serve as an example of something your audience needs to hear. How can you tell it in a way that puts your audience in your shoes or creates that common thread between you? Stories we tell as a brand don’t have to be crazy exciting or drenched in big emotion, just simple shared experiences can bring them in and hook them into reading your emails because it speaks to them. Stories will always be one of your most popular forms of content on social media, but it works the same in emails! 

#4 – Freebie or Exclusive Discount

Business owners worry that giving away the goods for free will result in a lack of sales, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Showing them value up front, without a price tag, helps them get an idea of what it’s like to work with you or purchase your products. The goal here is to send emails with freebies that are specific and enticing to your email list’s interests and problems. This does not mean giving away what you do or sell for free, but creating specific free offers that give a taste of the amazing value you offer. Don’t overcomplicate this, whatever you choose can always evolve over time and you can try different things! 

#5 – Guest Spot or Collaboration 

Think of this as the non-sleazy but super efficient way to name drop. You want to build your reputation as an expert in your industry and show your audience the knowledge and value you bring to the table? Send emails to your list that share your latest and greatest guest spots and collaborations with other brands. This could be a podcast interview, blog post, partnered sale, collaborative instagram reel or anything else. This not only helps build up your reputation as a trusted source but you’re helping introduce your audience to new resources and content they may need and love! 

Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month, challenge yourself to review this list and commit to working 1-2 of these emails into your email marketing strategy! Think about what your goals are in your business this month and which emails can help support them and market the things you want in front of your audience.


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