Goodbye, Loneliness!

There’s no medication or magic bullet for it and loneliness can happen to anyone at any time, however briefly or chronically. Feeling alone can leave you feeling sad and depressed. So, how can you cure loneliness? There are lots of options and solutions to help lessen and limit loneliness.

Certainly, loneliness is common when it comes to social distancing and quarantine during COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Limiting contact with people and not being able to interact with anyone in person can be both difficult and frustrating.

However, there are ways of getting connected and maintaining contacts. So much is available online to help you stay in touch, engage in unlimited learning, and stay endlessly entertained. Take advantage of Google and do searches about work, hobbies, people, places and things, and YouTube – the second largest search engine – can occupy your mind and your time. You can fend off those awful siblings: boredom and loneliness.

You’re not alone, and you always have your phone. All of your fav people are just a phone call, vid chat, text message, and email away. You may not have a lot to say, but you can stay in touch. People love to hear from you as much as you love to hear from them.

Tired of social media? Take a break and connect with personal contacts you are closest to. Define your people priorities. Put your family first, then your friends, then your co-workers, then your acquaintances. Let those you’re close to know how much you care and how special they are to you. They may reach back and return the compliment.

Make the most of your time and shift your focus to helping others. There are multitudes of volunteer opportunities you can engage in, both locally and globally (online). Research non-profits and charitable organizations, then make positive connections and build healthy relationships.

Sharing the experience of supporting others can promote bonding. Some even meet the love of their life volunteering. Giving back attracts quality people with big hearts who want to make a positive difference and make this world a better place. Even if you don’t meet Mr. Right at your local soup kitchen or animal shelter, you will probably make some new friends.

Following your dreams, pursuing your passions, and working on your goals can help you achieve a sense of purpose. The more you focus on who and what you love, the more love you will attract and exude. You will resonate with positive energy. And, the more good you put out there, the better you will feel, and the more good will come back to you. It’s an upward spiral, so much better than a downward spiral! Stay connected with your loved ones, keep your mind uplifted and your spirits high. It’s up to you what you fuel up on. If you’ve had enough dark, discouraging news, flip to comedy or food channels and watch something that makes you laugh and puts a smile on your face.

Do more of what you love. Feeling lonely is a good time to embark on hobbies and excel at them. If you’re an aspiring actor, make a list of your favorite actors and actresses and films you haven’t seen. Get watching and learning. Take online courses and tutorials and practice monologues. You can also write your own. If you always admired Julia Child’s wonderful ways with eggs and have been amused by her voice and mannerisms, watch your fav cooking shows and flip through recipes and cookbooks.

And it’s important to remember that just because you may physically be alone doesn’t mean you’re alone spiritually. God and Jesus are always with you and love you more than you can imagine. Other people are with you in spirit, too. Remember the people who love you – let them cross your mind, be in your prayers, and have a special place in your heart.

There is always a solution to being lonely. No matter how lonely you feel, you are not alone, and you can always do something good and positive to remedy loneliness. Do all you can, be all you can be, and keep on moving forward and living on.


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