Getting Your Hold on Happiness to Enable Hope, Healing and Empowerment

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but sometimes when life gives us lemons we need to remember how refreshing lemons can be. The more you feel empowered to move your mindset and shift your perspective to the healthy and positive, the better off you’ll feel and be.

Embracing the power of positivity can benefit your life and livelihood in many ways. Seeing the world through rose colored glasses can help you focus on the good and what to be grateful for.

Make a short “happy” list and keep it handy, whether on your phone (in your notes, doc, or pic) or printed out. Think: “In sight, in mind.” The more you review your list, which can vary from time to time and can always be adapted, the more you’ll be able to focus on your happiness. And, your happiness has a ripple effect on the people, animals, and even plants around you.

Also, the happier you are, the more you’ll be able to tap into achieving your greatest potential. If all you see are rain clouds and neglect to see the rainbow created by the sun shining through the storm, you’ll be missing out on the magical beauty of the hope you have to hold onto.

It also helps to be around people who bring you up, not down. How depressed and dismal would Eeyore feel if he weren’t around his friends, Pooh, Piglet, and Roo to lift his spirits, comfort and encourage him. He may have had a constant rain cloud hanging over him, looking through a lens of only shades of gray, but just being around them brought much needed rays of sunshine and color to his otherwise colorless world.

Rid yourself of shame or judgment about feeling down in the dumps and remember you’re not alone. You’re never alone. Whether it’s once-in-a-blue-moon blues or serious, chronic depression that ails you, there are many who can relate.

You’re not without help or support. Be honest with yourself and others about your true feelings to help get the help you need. Seek to better understand your current status – how you feel and why you might feel this way. Reflect on past situations so you have a greater perspective and scope of reference. Maybe what’s bogging you down is something you’ve carried with you all the way from childhood or even babyhood, unwanted heavy baggage you’ve never truly let go of that continues to weigh you down. Once you delve deep into memories, you’ve already taken steps in the right direction.

Hard work and ample time may be needed to uncover, understand, heal, and move forward from sometimes painful and even traumatic memories, but in doing so, you’re enabling and empowering yourself to overcome and thrive, not just survive. It’s not always an easy task, so be patient with yourself, your supporters, and the process. Set your worries and fears aside, ask for help as needed, and feel reassured you will make it through as a stronger, wiser person and ultimately better off.

We are each uniquely created so tap into your own innate loves, likes, wants, and desires as you take to heart some of the following tips and hacks for happiness:

  • Get and give hugs (air hugs are also an option)
  • Get fit and have fun with a dance party movin’ and groovin’ to your fav music
  • Pamper party and spa day/night
  • Meal and a movie
  • Gather garden edibles and bouquets (meadow flowers are a happy option) to give and display in a vase
  • Substitute yummy, healthier foods and beverages
  • Get artsy and craftsy with decoratables and wearables (which make great handcrafted gifts)
  • Tea party with a theme (e.g. Alice in Wonderland/Japanese geishas and samurais/British afternoon)
  • Nature walk, fishing and camping trip
  • Beach bound to soak up sun (while wearing sunscreen), dig toes into (and exfoliate with) sand, collect seashells (for DIY arts and crafts), and surf (whether you wade or dive in; surf’s up, dudette!)

Good news: There are excellent and plentiful resources in your community, online, and worldwide to assist you and help you recover, get happier, and live a healthier, better life.


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