Forsyth Woman Engaged – We’re Back, Bold & Beautiful

As a reader of Forsyth Woman magazine, you know what a valuable resource the family of Forsyth Magazines is and that our goal is to offer insightful content with local event and business information, all with the mission of supporting women and families!

Last fall, our sister publication Forsyth Woman Engaged made the tough decision to skip going to print during the pandemic and instead partnered with us by adding a special FWE section of all-things-wedding to our November 2020 issue.  It was the right call during a challenging time.  And while we recognize that our community is still working hard adjusting to the new normal, we are happy to announce that the time is right for Forsyth Woman Engaged to “get back out there!”

Coming to magazine stands in your favorite retail locations this month, you can’t miss it…. We are thrilled that our latest issue features a stunning cover photo that’s sure to catch your eye. As you begin to flip through this issue, you will catch a glimpse of some beautiful wedding celebrations, helpful articles and happy people. Maybe you will even recognize someone you know on pages 62-65!  And we really we hope that you’ll use FWE– this issue and past issues – as your portable planner that you carry with you throughout your planning process.

Step one: buy some multi-colored sticky notes and have them handy when you sit down with FWE.   When you see something you like, whether it’s a full-page ad for a wedding officient or a chair style in the background that you simply must have at your reception, marking it with a sticky note will ensure that you come back to it later and won’t have to flip through dozens of pages trying to remember where you saw it!

If you’re really organized, you could even color coordinate your stickies so that you know that the green tabs on Legacy Stables, the Millennium Center and The Barn at Reynolda Village are the venues you’ve narrowed your choices down to and the pink tabs on Lei Lei’s Bakery and the cupcakes on page 9 are the cake and dessert options you want to explore!

Our valued advertisers are a terrific source for the services you will need and there are details in the articles and celebrations that can also be helpful to you.  Look for Martie’s advice about etiquette that will surely clear up some misconceptions for you and help you navigate how to do this wedding thing! And speaking of etiquette, don’t miss Jen Brown’s article about who to invite on page 14!  Maybe you don’t have the ring yet but your partner is dropping hints…  then strategically place an issue where they can see it, open to page 16!  Not your first wedding? Then join me on page 22 for joyful ways to celebrate your unique celebration. Want to knock the socks off your guests with a super-cool signature drink served by the hippest bar caterers in town?  Get ready for pages 24 and 25 and let us know what they stir up for you!

You might think you’ll remember all these great tips and ideas but as you start working on your save-the-dates and meeting with cake bakers, you will have information overload and they could get lost.  Mark it now so you can come back to it later!  Essentially, you can use FWE the same way you use Pinterest… and we know you do! Maybe you can even create a twin copy of FWE for your wedding planner with your favorite things highlighted or starred for them to research for you!

And feel free to rip us up!  That’s right, we won’t mind if you tear some pages out of our newest issue or any past issues!  If you are the bride who carries around the fat, 3-ringed binder with sections for the various elements of your event, then we have pocket fillers! Put the article about Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics in your Self Care section, the article about dressing your tribe fits into the wedding party section and if you haven’t settled on a date yet, show page 48 to your fiancé – it really deserves your attention!

Whether it’s a rainbow of sticky notes, folded-in pages, hand written notes in Sharpie ink, we want Forsyth Woman Engaged to be much more than just a pretty magazine on your coffee table.  We want it to be your partner in the exciting and busy months spent planning your wedding day!


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