How Feng Shui Can Improve Your Environment

Spring cleaning? Now’s a good time to redecorate and redesign your space. Clearing clutter and rearranging furniture following the principles of feng shui can do wonders to improve where you live, help attract your greatest desires and bring in good vibes and positive energy.

Feng shui is a traditional practice that originated from ancient China, dating back to 4,000 B.C. and is practiced with the intent of bringing harmony to your life and your external environment.

Where to start? Begin at the front door (“mouth of qi”) in the entry way. Naturally, you want to welcome people (including yourself) into your home with a light, bright, clean, clutter- and debris-free space. Consider adding bright lights to this area.

As a general rule, it’s important to keep everything clean. Make your own DIY green cleaning products that are non-toxic and chemical-free so you can clean without a care. Mix together a simple solution of white vinegar, water, and pure essential oils in a spray bottle as an all-purpose cleaner. Not only does it make your environment look and feel better, it’s better for your overall health.

Doors in feng shui represent communication and your voice, so you want them to be clear and open with energy flowing, uninhibited. Doors are considered passages to opportunities, so don’t overlook them. Keep doors open. If they squeak or come unhinged, have them fixed.

Commanding position is important in feng shui, so you take ownership of your life and are in command. With this in mind, consider the location of your furniture – your bed, desk, and stove. Your bed symbolizes you, your desk symbolizes your career, and your stove symbolizes your wealth.

Many hours are spent in your bed and in a passive “yin” state when you are receptive to the energies around you. The placement of your bed affects you in both conscious and unconscious states of sleep. Support yourself from the back by placing the headboard against a solid wall. This gives you a sense of being aligned, grounded, and supported. If possible, keep some space on both sides of the bed, which represents the balance of your yin and yang (feminine and masculine qualities). You want to allow breathing room and energy to flow naturally.

Why use feng shui to place your desk? Placing your desk with commanding position in mind helps you lead your business forward, putting you in charge. As with your bed, position your desk with a solid wall behind you – fortifying you, like a strong backbone. Consider placing your desk where there is a view of a window which allows you to keep connected to the rest of the world, as though providing an extra set of eyes and perspective, along with freedom to explore the world around you, not to mention letting the sunlight in. Access to natural light can do wonders for your mood and letting fresh air in is always a plus for breathability.

And, now – on to the kitchen! This is where a lot of action occurs at different times of the day. We stay fueled and gain energy from our food and drink, nourishment vital to our lives. The stove represents the fire element in feng shui. When placing the stove, consider the importance of having a view of what’s going on in the kitchen. In contrast, cooking with your back to the action can block the flow of energy and is bad feng shui. The energy of the sink (water element) and stove (fire element) can clash if placed too close together, so allow some space in between.

Consider adding a fountain to your home. Running or falling water can soothe, relax, and create a sense of peace, tranquility, and harmony. Also, water represents wealth, so you will be attracting good fortune. According to feng shui, where should you put your fountain? Try near the entry way, flowing toward the center of your home. Allow wealth and fortune the opportunity to trickle into your life.

However extensively you decide to build or redecorate your space, feng shui can benefit your life and is worth a try.


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