Farrago: Celebrating Life Coming Full Circle

If you are fortunate to live long enough, you usually see life, and your endeavors come full circle. Where you started, many times you return, and with success, the second time around is sweeter. Such is the case for Denise Moseley, owner of Farrago, moving from her Winston-Salem, NC location back to where it all began, Lewisville, NC.

“We at Farrago are so proud to be back in Lewisville, NC, after starting here 40 years ago. It’s been a year since we moved, but it feels like we’re back home. Last year’s opening was quite an undertaking, working hard to get the shop set up and everyone in place, but it was well worth all the effort. No matter where we call home, our service and attention to our clients never change,” said Denise.

Farrago is a full-service salon offering fabulous hair care services including cuts, color, perms and everything in between. “The stylists at Farrago are truly the best at what they do. Taylor Boyles Gas and Abby Looper Pendry excel in all types of color – from all over color, to as simple as root coverage, to the latest in coloring techniques like balayage, ombré,and party colors. Taylor and Abby are available for consultations and can help you decide on your new look,” said Denise. As for Denise herself, she is a perm specialist and can get even the most resistant hair to take and hold a perm. “I’d love to consult with you, whether you have short hair that needs the smaller rods, or want the new texture waves permed on rods the size of rollers to give you the loose, beachy look with little to no maintenance.  After over 20 years, I am excited to see perms coming back, so put away that straight iron and say ‘good-bye’ to that 20-30 minutes of time invested in your hair that you could be doing something else. I believe that hair should be crafted to do something up to date, keeping in mind what your type of hair will do with the least amount of maintenance. I strive to give my clients a great cut that looks good if it dries naturally or if you put the time in for a more finished look. We work with AVEDA products to address any concerns you may have with your hair, from frizziness, to adding more volume, all while keeping your budget in mind. We realize that coming in every 3-6 weeks to maintain your color may not work for everyone, so we can help you choose a color that enables you to stretch your color services out longer,” Denise commented.

Beyond taking care of your hair needs, Farrago also offers massage therapy, available with Mandy Saxon, licensed massage therapist. With the stressors of kids back in school and all the activities that families have today, a little time for yourself is needed, and there’s no better way to take care of you than to get a massage. Mandy has been a licensed practicing massage therapist for seven years and is certified in Swedish, deep tissue, pre-natal and hot stone, with additional training in relieving issues with sciatica, headaches and medical massage. “Massage therapy can boost your health in so many ways. It doesn’t just feel awesome; your body can benefit in some amazing ways including increased circulation, tension relief, reduced stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality and so many others. I have several clients who seek out massage therapy as a tool to help manage migraine headaches, TMJ disorder, post-operative surgical rehabilitation, and low back pain,” stated Mandy.  And should you need a little retail therapy after your ‘me’ time, Farrago can help you with that, too!

The idea behind the gift shop within Farrago was intended for clients and guests to be able to shop while their hair was processing. Kind of like a “two for one” or “filling two needs with one deed” – a great idea for sure. “We thought how great to be able to pick up a card, a piece of pottery, or pair of earrings for a gift or yourself. After talking with some local artists looking for a place to promote and sell their creations without having to commit to a large overhead and even staff a gallery, it only made sense that we help out our fellow artists by selling their art on commission. We pride ourselves on the wide variety we offer and also the complete line AVEDA offers making nice gifts, as well as hand and body lotion, lipsticks that freshen your breath and hair care that really does grow hair back. Our male customers have had great success treating their bald spots and receding hairlines with the Invati product line. Whether you are at Farrago for a beauty service or just need a unique gift idea, drop by because we really do have something for everyone!” Denise said.

Farrago is located at 6301 Shallowford Road, Lewisville, NC. Hours of operation: Tuesday – Friday 10 am- 6 pm; Saturday 10 am- 3 pm. For more information call 336-946-9128 or visit farragonc.com and check out their Facebook page to keep up on the latest at Farrago. Monday and evening appointments available.



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