Everything in Moderation

Most of the time, when a person talks about “something in moderation,” they are referring to food. For example, you can eat anything you want, just in moderation, meaning you can’t eat sweets and carbs all the time and stay healthy. However, the theory “everything in moderation” goes beyond food. It can be applied to social media, technology usage, and more. According to dictionary.com, moderate can be defined as “kept or keeping within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense.” When you are doing or using something in moderation, you are setting boundaries for yourself and creating balance and wholeness. However, it is important to hold yourself accountable for the limitations you set.

Achieving moderation and a comfortable balance can be hard at first. As humans, we have the tendency to push things to the extreme, such as overworking, over-exercising, and overeating. We keep wanting to do more, be more, and have more. Some think the more we work, the more money we’ll have. When you do everything in moderation, you are adding more joy and happiness to your life. You are taking away depriving yourself and preventing overindulgence of certain things.

Start by breaking down the big picture aspects.

  • Work – Try not to take work home with you. Sometimes this isn’t possible. If you do have to continue working at home or have tasks that need to be done, set a stop time each night. For example, at eight o’clock, you are finished for the day and everything you didn’t do will be completed tomorrow. Try the same commitment to working on the weekends.
  • Stress – It is hard to put stress into moderation because you never know what will be thrown at you. However, you can schedule in self-care and time to de-stress. Set aside an evening for a walk and a warm bath. It is all about establishing a life full of wellness and less stress.
  • Technology – Technology is one of the biggest areas that most people could put into moderation, including myself. Our lives are lived through screens these days, whether it is a television, computer, iPad, or phone. It can be a timesaver or a time killer, depending on how much you use it and for what. This year, let us pledge to put down our forms of technology and enjoy moments through our eyes rather than a screen. Set a time each night to power down your devices, or limit yourself to only a certain amount of time on a device or on social media each day. Don’t you get tired of having a screen in your face most of the time? I know I do. Take a walk outside, watch a movie, or do something that fulfills you that doesn’t include technology.
  • Food and Exercise – These two aspects are different for every person and are based on their health/nutritional needs. With food, limit your intake of sweets and other junk food. For exercise, try not to overdo it. Listen to your body and your doctor’s advice. Thirty minutes of physical exercise is recommended daily. Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes rest and relaxation.

After looking at the bigger parts, take inventory, and see what moderation you can add into other parts of your schedule. Too much or too little of something can cause problems. The key to “everything in moderation” is doing what works for you in order to maintain a happy, healthy, and balanced life.











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