Doppelgänger: Who’s Your Doggie?


Doppelgänger: (noun) A biologically unrelated look-alike, or a double, of a living person.

It is highly likely that you know someone who looks like their pet, or at least thinks they look like their pet.  It’s an adorable endearment between the human and their furry friend but of course, the canine or feline doesn’t have a say in the matter!  So what about those pets who exude a certain personality that elevates them to an almost human-like existence among us?

New word and definition!

Doppeldoggiegänger: (noun) A biologically and genetically unrelated look-alike, double, or personality-twin of a living dog!

Some of these Dopeldoggiegängers are right here in our community!  Keep your eyes peeled for them and thanks to their humans for submitting their photos!

Priscila as laid back and chilled Magda from Something About Mary


Maverick as Seinfeld’s spastic but lovable friend Kramer


Buddy as the literary superstar, Eeyore


Stella as the glamorous but feisty Megan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex


Bear as James Bond, but only the Roger Moore 007


Holly as sweet, fun-loving and quirky Drew Barrymore


Remy the wee doxie as Chef Remy, the wee Disney star


Pippa as the oddly adorable Baby Grinch


Tonya’s entire crew as Madea & Friends


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