DIY Girls Night: How to Host a Wreath Making Party

Pumpkin spice lattes are in the air which means you just might be getting that familiar fall itch to get a little crafty! Kick off the season by gathering your girlfriends together and host a wreath making party this month!

Wreaths are the perfect DIY project for a group because you can share supplies, keep things cost effective and create your project sitting down just about anywhere! Here’s everything you need to host the perfect fall girls’ night of wreath making memories!

Plan the Details in Advance

Once you select a date and time, get a headcount for who’s joining the fun so you can gather all of your supplies. You’ll want to head to your local craft supply store to pick up the things you want to provide for everyone and ask your guests to bring whatever supplies they want to contribute as well. You can even send them a “suggested supply” list to help!

  • Wreath base (foam, metal, grapevine, etc.)
  • Faux flowers and leaves
  • Decorative add-ons (ribbon, twigs, wood letters etc.)
  • Glue guns and glue sticks
  • Scissors and wire cutters
  • Power strip (optional)

You can choose one kind of base for your wreath projects, such as a grapevine wreath, or let everyone decide on their own! It can be really fun to let everyone choose different wreath styles and be surprised by what everyone ends up making.

Set Up the Party

Whether you decide to enjoy the cooler weather on the back patio or have everyone at your dining room table, set up your craft station. You can grab a roll of craft paper or some fall tablecloths from the Dollar store to decorate and place all of your wreath making supplies within easy reach of your guests. Make sure you are somewhere near an electrical outlet to plug in your glue guns, and plug in a power strip if you want multiple glue guns used at once. Set up a few fall treats and drinks somewhere close by for everyone to dig into! Quick hostess tip:  leave out a few empty serving dishes if guests are bringing something to contribute to make it easy for them to add their items.

Get the Party Started

As each of your guests arrive, be sure to invite them to choose their spot where they will be making their wreath, unload any supplies and grab something yummy before the crafting begins! Take a few moments to get everyone situated and then welcome them by sharing a little about what the night will look like and how the wreath making process will go. Make sure everyone knows where to find everything and what order of operations to follow to ensure they get to leave with a finished project!

Assembling Your Wreaths

If everyone knows what kind of wreath style they are after they can begin jumping right in and prepping their supplies; cutting flowers, tying bows, etc. Some friends may come with a Pinterest perfect vision in their head while others will just let the wind take them wherever they are meant to go! If anyone seems totally stuck on what to do, a great suggestion is to head to the Pinterest app and look up “fall wreath ideas.” Remind guests to be cautious when it comes to using wire cutters and hot glue guns to avoid injuries! Remember that things may get a little messy! Wreath making involves a lot of fallen leaves, faux flower parts and little bits and pieces falling to the wayside so prepare to sweep up after.

Freeze Your Fall Evening in Time

At the end of the night it might just look like the inside of a Hobby Lobby in the fall with so many different wreaths everywhere! Take the opportunity of having all the girls together to grab a group photo with your wreaths. You can encourage everyone to snap a selfie of themselves with their wreath or when they get home share a photo of what it looks like on their door! Invite everyone to grab another treat or two while finishing the evening together and make sure to remind them to grab their new wreath on the way out.

My biggest advice is just to have fun and don’t worry about the details. Enjoy the time together hanging out and being creative, and that is what will make it a girls’ night to remember.


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