The Digital Checklist for Businesses

Written by Mary Fonvielle

When was the last time you googled yourself? How about your business? The online world is full of abandoned websites and accounts, but when I read that 90% of users don’t check their Google Ad account more than once every 90 days, I explored what the cost of ignoring your online business presence would be. The answer? More than you think.

After all, it’s easy to think that it’s enough for a website or social media account to simply exist. These pages act like digital employees, telling others about your business 24-7. 

Even if you don’t update your Facebook page or your online calendar as often as you’d like, isn’t it better than not showing up at all? Not necessarily. 

Imagine walking up to a storefront: The door is open, but the lights are out, shelves are empty, and it doesn’t look like anyone has been inside lately. Would you go in? Of course not. The store certainly existed at one point, but not anymore. If someone visits an Instagram account that posted its last ‘gram in 2016, what’s the point in following? The account is clearly inactive. 

This is the message your outdated, empty pages are telling your potential customers: no one’s home. Make sure that doesn’t happen by setting up a schedule to regularly check, update, and make the most of your digital real estate.


Here’s the Checklist:


Outdated information and dated site designs are a surefire way to turn away business. Review your website at least once per quarter to make sure the content is still relevant and up to date. If you have elements like a calendar, you should update at least once per month. Because web design trends are always changing, it’s important to refresh the design every few years.

Social Media Accounts

Nearly all consumers will check out a company’s social pages before making a purchase decision. Inactive pages and bad reviews are both major red flags. Social accounts should be updated regularly, at least once per week. Be mindful of creating too many accounts: if your customers don’t use Instagram, your business doesn’t need to be there.

Paid Media Channels

Paid ad channels like Facebook and Google Ads can be a great way to advertise your business and nurture leads, but don’t let them run on their own. Check your budget weekly and monitor the performance of your ads to make sure you’re getting the results you’re looking for. 

Online Reviews

If your customers are unhappy, you can be sure they’ll let someone know. Negative reviews on sites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp aren’t the end of the world, but they’re an opportunity to self-reflect if the same complaints keep showing up. If you’re going to respond to reviews, remember to keep it professional: your reaction is temporary, but your response is permanent. 

Is keeping up with your business’ digital presence a hassle? A marketing agency might be what you need. Take hours back in your week and take your marketing to the next step with Nu, a local inbound marketing agency in Winston-Salem. Call 336-842-1022 for a free discovery call. 


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