Dear June: “Styles and Choices”

With so many styles out there and so many choices, how do you make decisions for your home when you are about to make changes or remodel?

I hear clients all the time say that they love the country farmhouse or the urban farmhouse and even the cottage farmhouse look.  Marketing and advertising have confused the American consumer so much that their heads are spinning when it comes to deciding which is correct for them.  I don’t blame them.

For me, I mix and juxtapose styles. It can be done, and most people still like a little variety.  If you want a farmhouse look, you can marry all sorts of feelings of your past and what you see in magazines.    This year alone, every other house for design has been a cottage or a farmhouse for us.  In the previous years, most were coming to us wanting a transitional and cleaner look. Trends do change to keep us busy and interested in making changes for updating our homes.  It is all a plan to keep the world curious and demanding innovation in your home.  I get in moods in my own home where I continually freshen it up.  Freshen up means as little as new pillows, moving the accessories around, new rugs, and sometimes new art.  Lamps can make a big difference in how your home feels.  If anyone knows me and has been in our showroom at June DeLugas Interiors, you know that I love lamps.  We have the largest selection in town.  If we don’t have the lamp you need, we can order it.  The designers on staff can help you make the selection.

Let’s talk about art.  Art is essential to make your home complete. When we have designed, planned, and strategized a client’s project, we deliver everything we ordered and ensure it is perfectly set it up.  I call this “white-glove service.”  When all the basics are in place, you can just tell that it is time for art and window treatments to finish the room.  When you walk into a room or a home you want that welcoming feeling that it is warm and inviting.  I hear that all the time.  Clients go into homes that have a finished family room with a new area rug, sofa, chairs, art, and curtains.  They know it is inviting, but don’t know why.  That is where we come in.

The holidays are now upon us, and it is time to start thinking about the changes you want to make before the guests show up.  Time is essential, at this point, to get it done, especially if there is ordering to be done.  We just received a shipment of new art that has fresh colors.  We hope you get as excited as we are.   Come see what we’ve done with the showroom to get ready for the holidays.  Remember: Styles and Choices.  





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