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Most people are either PC or Mac, and many households and businesses have both types of technologies that can be very confusing when navigating back and forth. This is where the experts at Creative IT come into play.

“Creative IT was founded out of the needs we saw from many local businesses who were using both Apple and Microsoft technologies in their business,” said President Robert Phelps. “They were having to call on multiple IT companies to help them and were receiving very fragmented support when it came to running their business. Our sister company, Triad Mac, was founded because of the lack of options people had to get support for their Apple products; Creative IT was founded out of a similar lack of options and support. We feel the best service we can provide comes from a need that exists. Creative IT provides a complete solution when it comes to supporting the technology in your entire business.”

The most important decision that can be made is choosing to consult experts when difficulties arise and not assuming you will be able to figure it out on your own or by online searches for solutions. “It is impossible to know everything; you are either a jack of all trades and master of none or an expert,” said Phelps. “Because of this, we hired teams of experts – a team in Apple and a team in Microsoft technologies. Having both under one roof allows organizations that utilize both technologies to have a unified experience and make sure things don’t fall through the cracks. In fact, many employees new to the workforce are coming out of college only knowledgeable in the Apple platform. As a business, your employees should be productive from day one; giving them an option in their technology elevates your business, your retention and the productivity of your employees. In fact, IBM, after deploying MacBook Pros, found they were able to attract and retain better talent. Having an IT team behind you to make sure both technologies work together, are secure and are reliable, is imperative to being successful in running a mixed technology business.”

Both Macs and PCs offer so many valuable functions and features for all types of businesses, and incompatibility issues or lack of knowledge from employees should never force you to choose one or the other when both can be beneficial when understood fully. “The biggest request we receive is helping companies make sure they can incorporate both technologies and to manage that experience,” said Phelps. “You wake up every morning thinking about how to grow your business, help your customers and make more money. You don’t wake up looking forward to the next technology hiccup. Every minute you spend away from doing your job and growing your business is an expense, delay and distraction. Having a team behind your business that can make sure your company is running smoothly and makes sure little problems don’t become big ones becomes invaluable in helping you grow.”

Creative IT offers many services for its customers, so there is something for everyone no matter your technological concerns. “Creative IT focuses on four areas – IT Support for businesses big and small who just want their IT to work; cybersecurity support (with more and more businesses being impacted by hackers and cybercriminals, we deploy enterprise-level security solutions to local businesses at a price they can afford); compliance to help organizations meet their legal compliance or compliance from their clients (we are the only HIPAA Compliance Group Verified IT provider in the state); and business continuity to help keep your business running during an outage such as a simple internet outage, data loss or disaster.”

If you would like a customized health check or performance assessment, visit For more information, visit, or call 336.310.0277. The experts at Creative IT thrive off of referrals, so much so that they offer dinner on them as a thank you! To refer someone to Creative IT, visit or email Robert Phelps at


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